Elementary Education (SEA)

Kindergarten and elementary school teachers prepare younger students for future schooling by teaching them the basics of subjects such as math and reading.  Education is any form of learning or transmission of information that can occur in formal settings such as classrooms or informally through experiences with a person’s environment as a whole. The training of future formal educators includes establishing and fostering skills related to curriculum formulation, instruction, classroom management, educational administration, student services, and human development. Students can focus on early childhood, elementary, exceptional student, secondary and university higher education. Educators may also wish to specialize to teach a certain discipline, such as social sciences, language arts, math, visual arts, foreign language, music or the natural sciences, based on their interests and level of proficiency.

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Related Major Skills

Ability to teach or train
Ability to teach to different learning levels
Computer skills
Creativity Dealing with parents or guardians
Decision making
Explaining ideas clearly
Flexibility Lesson planning
Summarizing ideas
Team player
Writing and presenting

Sample Work Settings

Adoption and Child Care Agencies
Adult Literacy Programs
Adult Schools
Advertising Firms
Alternative Schools
Boards of Education
Book Stores or Publishing Companies
Bureau of Blind Services
Church Organizations
College or Universities
Community Colleges
Community-Based Organizations
Continuing Education Centers
Correctional Institutions
Day Care Centers
Education Based Business
Entertainment Centers or Resorts
Government Agencies
Hospitals or Rehabilitative Centers
Inpatient or Outpatient Facilities
Insurance Companies
International Schools
Labor Unions
Manufacturers of Childcare Products
Marketing Firms
Newspapers or Magazines
Nursery Schools
Nursing Homes
Parks and Recreation Departments
Political Parties
Research Facilities
Schools (Public, Private)
Test Development
Test Preparation Companies
Trade Schools

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