Economics (ISE)

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Economics is the study of choices made by individuals and markets, and how effectively society meets its human and material needs. It draws upon history, philosophy, and mathematics to deal with subjects ranging from how an individual household or business can make sound decisions, to societal issues such as unemployment, inflation, and environmental decay.

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Related Major Skills

Ability to give advice on business
Ability to prepare & write reports
Mathematics & Science
Oral & written communication
Active learning Active listening
Computer literacy
Critical thinking
Different learning strategies
Investigative skills
Reading comprehension
Research skills




Sample Work Settings

Advertising Departments & Firms
Banks, Savings/Commercial Lending
Brokerage Houses
Business Corporations
Chambers of Commerce
Civic & Taxpayer Associations
Consulting Firms
Consumer Organizations
Department Stores
Dept. of Labor
Economic Research Firms
Educational Institutions
Federal & State Government
Federal Reserve System
Fund-raising Firms
Industries/Manufacturing Organizations
Insurance Companies
Investment Firms
Labor Unions
Law Firms
Lobbying Organizations
Market Research Firms
Peace Corps Personnel Departments
Pharmaceutical Companies
Political Action Groups
Public Relations Firms
Public Schools
Real Estate Firms
Research & Development Firms
Trade Association
Utility Companies