Communication Studies (ESR)

Princeton Review ranks a degree in Communication as the second best college major based on research examining job prospects, alumni salaries, and popularity. And, communication is ranked as one of the top five most sought-after career skills in multiple employer surveys. The ability to communicate verbally and in writing with people inside and outside an organization is one of the most highly sought-after skills by employers in all job markets: even technical ones.


Communication Studies is a versatile undergraduate major relevant to multiple career tracks. In this major, students engage in critical thinking and analysis, analytical & persuasive writing; and public speaking. Students can hone in on broader communication genres such as advocacy and civic engagement, rhetorical studies, culture and diversity, interpersonal communication and organizational communication, or strategic communication.


Upon completing the major, students will have developed comprehensive skill sets relevant to a wide variety of industries and professional settings. These fields include, but are not limited to: corporate marketing & public relations; nonprofit fundraising & development; professional writing & editing; human resource management; government and education; and public advocacy & community organizing, inside and outside sales, law enforcement, and healthcare administration. The major is also excellent preparation for graduate education in professional fields such as law or business.

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Related Major Skills

Ability to write clearly
Attention to details
Compare and contrast evidence
Create entertaining and persuasive messages
Create powerful images with sight, sound, motion & words
Critical thinking skills
Define hypotheses
Demonstrate creativity
Develop market research
Effective speaking
Evaluate ideas and presentation
Evaluate information and sources
Gather information and data
Identify and manage different needs
Influential/persuasion skills
Interpretation skills
Measure media effects
Planning and managing skills
Present specific viewpoints
Reporting and editing skills
Synthesizing information
Understand institutional and cultural values
Work in teams/small groups
Work independently
Work with deadlines
Write press releases

Sample Work Settings

Advertising Agencies
Boards of Education
Communications Agencies
Communications Offices
Consulting Firms
Corporate Settings
Government Agencies
Human Resources Departments
Independent Production Companies
Lobby Organizations
Marketing Departments
News & Information Offices
Photo Agencies
Photo Studios
Public Relations Firms
Public Schools
Publishing Companies
Radio/TVCable Companies
Video Production Companies

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