Faculty Career Resource

Faculty are encouraged to extend learning beyond the classroom by involving students in
career development activities sponsored by the FAU Career Center.

Keeping Up with the Career Center: The Career Center’s External Academy

In collaboration with faculty and staff partners, The FAU Career Center supports students in building toward meaningful careers and a successful future.

We invite you to connect with us virtually during this three-part series to discuss extending learning beyond the classroom by involving students in career development activities and curated assignments sponsored by the FAU Career Center. Dates coming soon!


Support Available

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Class presentations on career
and job search topics by a
career center staff member

Class Presentations

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Extra credit opportunities via attendance at a
workshops, career panels, and employment events offered by the career center

Career Events

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Supplement first-year through capstone courses
with software tools and assignments
provided by the FAU Career Center

Career Center Canvas Assignments

Faculty Playbook

As a faculty member, you can support the career aspirations of yourstudents and graduates
and complement the work of career services offices on your campus.


Did You Know?

You can require students to meet with our career coaches to be career ready.

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Let Us Help You

As a Career Center, we seek to be a resource to you, our faculty and staff partners, as we jointly endeavor to prepare students for their professional plans beyond FAU.

For information on how you can integrate career readiness into your curriculum,
contact Jennifer Fabricius, Director of College and Faculty Engagement, at Jberma16@fau.edu or 561-297-3533.

 Last Modified 11/21/23