FAU Broward Campuses - Staff Spotlight

Diego Camargo

Tuesday, Nov 01, 2022
Diego Camargo

FabLab Coordinator & Instructor | School of Architecture

Diego Camargo is an instructor and the new FabLab Coordinator for the School of Architecture on the downtown Fort Lauderdale Campus. A distinguished, 2001 alumnus of the school, he has a keen understanding of the program and is able to apply his real-world experience from the field to support student success. Diego has an extensive background working with several well-established firms in South Florida, such as Mateo Architecture and Glavovic Studio, where he worked alongside his mentor Margi Glavovic. He has participated in and managed various projects ranging from residential to institutional projects, such as the South Expansion of the Miami International Airport and ArtsPark in Young Circle. Diego focuses his research on public space, architectural infrastructure, digital tectonics, fabrication, and biomimicry, which is explored in several temporary art installations in the Wynwood Art District, Miami. In addition, to his impressive work experience, he attained his master's degree in Advanced Architecture (Post Professional) from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia Barcelona, Spain. Diego says, "Once you do something through hard work, you can do interesting things. Once you do something nice, well executed, and the final product is attractive, it builds self-esteem and drives you to keep going."

Camargo is originally from Bogota, Columbia, and moved to Fort Lauderdale to pursue a degree in architecture. He earned his associate’s degree at Broward College followed by a bachelor’s degree in Architecture at Florida Atlantic University. FAU offers a Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.) which gives students a clear path to licensure upon completion of their degree. This program attracted Diego because of the personalized and in-depth interaction with the faculty.

After completing his master’s degree, Diego worked as an adjunct professor of architecture at Florida Atlantic University and Florida International University. While teaching, he worked as a design consultant in various architectural projects, established relationships, and built his brand as a creator. Throughout his time at FAU, he was a member of the American Institute of Architectural Students (AIAS). This membership allowed him to stay connected to the latest trends in the field as well as to faculty and peers at other institutions.

Camargo loves what he does and finds that architecture is woven into his hobbies and leisure time such as film, photography, music and traveling to new places to enjoy the culture and receive inspiration from the local architectural sites. He says, "In architecture, you need to prioritize your time for what's most important, and you should have an interest and love for it."

As an instructor and Fab Lab coordinator, he manages a conventional wood shop, digital fabrication tools including 3D printers and laser cutters, and student assistants. He advises students to attain the necessary qualifications and certifications that they may need to have options in the field. He suggests that students do an internship within their last year as it will be helpful for experience and knowledge. Diego says, "Focus on the process and not the final product, and the result will be amazing and worth it." He emphasizes that if you do not limit yourself to opportunities, you will do well in school and architecture as a career.