Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS) 

Running and Viewing Your Degree Audit on the Web

  1. Click on ‘MyFAU Login
  2. Type your FAUNet ID and Password, click Login.

For enhanced security, you will be required to enter a security question and change your Password the first time that you use MyFAU.

  1. Choose FAU Self-Service from the left-hand column.
  2. Choose Student Services, then Student Records, then View Degree Audit (DARS).

To watch a presentation on how to use DARS play the video below:

Note:  You have to submit an audit before you can view it. Click on Submit an Audit to request a degree audit for your current major, then Run Audit on the next screen. Finally, click View Audits to see the list of audits you ran.

Audits are listed in the order in which you requested them, with the most recent one on top. If you don’t see the one you just processed, click Refresh the List. It can take a few moments for an audit to process. Click on most recent audit under the View Link column to access your degree audit.

If you have more than one major, a separate audit will be processed for each major. However, if the majors are under different degree types, i.e., a B.A. in one and a B.S. in the other, only your primary major will produce an audit. The other major must be run as a “What-If” audit (see below).


 Last Modified 8/16/18