Academic Planning


The State University System of Florida has developed three tools that aid in guiding the System’s future. The Board of Governor’s 2025 System Strategic Plan is driven by goals and associated metrics that stake out where the System is headed. 

The Board’s Annual Accountability Report provides yearly tracking for how the System is progressing toward its goals. Institutional Work Plans connect the two and create an opportunity for greater dialogue relative to how each institution contributes to the System’s overall vision. The Board uses these documents to help advocate for all System institutions and foster even greater coordination with the institutions and their Board of Trustees.

The Florida Atlantic University Strategic Plan Race to Excellence 2015-2025 was created in alignment with the Board of Governor’s 2025 Strategic Plan. The division of Academic Affairs is implementing strategies to position FAU as a globalized, forward-thinking institution that caters to high ability students. The division is working to foster an organizational culture of achievement—through timely academic progression and distinction through discovery that will thrust FAU towards national recognition.


Board of Governor’s 2025 Strategic Plan

FAU Strategic Plan Race to Excellence 2015-2025

2015-16 Accountability Report

2017 University Work Plan


FAU Financial Review

The administration has contracted the services of a consultant to develop an analytical software tool based on a financial review model that will improve the University’s financial planning capability going forward.  The Financial Review and the analytical tool to be developed through the review process is intended to improve the University’s ability to understand the cost of educating students in each major or program.  The factors used to calculate this cost are numerous and varied, including both direct and indirect costs.  It is hoped that the sophistication of the analysis and the quality of the reports generated will be useful for informing decision-making with regard to the challenges we face including the need to “live within our means”, to dedicate resources to strategic areas that will frame the ongoing identity of the University, to achieve sustainable performance metrics that are intrinsically tied to funding from the State of Florida, and to maintain SACS reaffirmation. 


Objectives of the Financial Review

Financial Review Model - November 20, 2015

Financial Review Model - January 12, 2016

Financial Review Model - February 9, 2016

Financial Review Model - March 8, 2016

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