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2017 Board of Governors Performance Metrics


2017 Board of Governors Performance Metrics

The Florida Board of Governors today released its university performance funding report. This is fourth year 11 of the 12 state universities (Florida Polytechnic University is not currently included in the metrics) are assessed on 10 metrics that cover areas such as median average wages of undergraduates employed one year after graduation, academic progress rate, and graduate degrees awarded in areas of strategic emphasis.

Once again, FAU will receive a not-insignificant amount of funding based on our performance of these metrics. This year, as in prior years, the funds will be used directly to support FAU’s 2025 Strategic Plan. For example, the funding will be used to support efforts to hire more faculty, appoint more academic advisors, fund undergraduate research opportunities, support mentoring and internship programs and further or create other student success initiatives, among other areas.

The performance funding model allows us to identify the areas that need improvement. This year, as in prior years, we will aim to do just that, and this funding helps us achieve our goals. Some areas of improvement are quick, some take longer to see results. We made enormous improvements over the last three years, and we will continue to improve.

In a variety of ways, our students, faculty and staff all contribute to our success, and I am extremely grateful for the hard work and dedication of everyone.

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