Carla Calarge

Associate Professor
Department of Languages, Linguistics and Comparative Literature

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Research – Research interests are grounded in postcolonial studies, feminist theory, as well as visual and cultural studies. Postcolonial studies is a discipline that is concerned with issues related to the human, cultural, economic, as well as political consequences on those countries and peoples who underwent the colonial, anti-colonial, and/or post-colonial experience. It analyzes the production, dissemination and circulation of representations of and knowledge about the dominated Other. My area of research is the French-speaking literature and cultural production of the Arab world, with a special emphasis on Algeria and Lebanon. I am particularly interested in exploring the (silenced) memories of the different war(s) that ravaged the region with the repercussions that those wars have in the present day region. Issues such as torture, trauma, and the many legacies of the colonial period are at the core of my investigation.

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