Meet our 2020-2021 Peer Mentors!

The Peer Mentoring Program is designed to provide support to undergraduate students who are interested in pursuing research and inquiry.  Our peer mentors are wonderful undergraduate and graduate students who represent active researchers and role models from FAU's colleges and partner campuses. If you are interested in participating in undergraduate research or have questions related to how you can get started in research please email one of the mentors in your college to set up a time to meet.  Mentors are available to meet Virtually, and on the Boca Raton and Jupiter Campuses! The Peer Mentor page can tell you more about how YOU can become a mentor too! 

Visit a Peer Mentor in OURI during their Office Hours

Peer Mentors are available to meet virtually by appointment or during their office hours. You can join them via WebEx, the links are located below.  







Peer Mentor Bios

  Email: College & Major: Research Interest(s): Hobbies:

Brian Silverstein

Brian Silverstein

College of Business, Finance Department


Defined Benefit Pension Risk Transfers, Insider Trading as a Proxy for Managerial Opportunism, International Currency Hedging, Neural networks as an approach to determine corporate credit quality

Sailing, Paddle boarding, Biking, Playing the didgeridoo

Amrita Ghaness

Amrita Ghaness College of Education, Graduate Student majoring in Clinical Mental Health Counseling 

The therapeutic relationship, verbal and nonverbal behaviors, and psychotherapy outcomes


My hobbies include swimming, listening to music, and spending time outside
Alexis Base

Alexis Base College of Engineering and Computer Science, majoring in Ocean Engineering Ocean Acidification, Autonomous Underwater Vehicles, Coastal Restoration  Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, and Camping     

Olivia Curtis

Olivia Curtis Wilkes Honors College, majoring in Liberal Arts and Science Alzheimer’s Disease, Adult Neurogenesis, Brain Health and Healthy Aging Weightlifting, Trying New Food, Running

 Vivek Sreejithkumar

Vivek Sreejithkumar
Wilkes Honors College, Cellular Neuroscience Mathematical Biology, Immuno-Epidemiological Models, Artificial Intelligence, Cellular Neuroscience, Disorder of Neural Circuit Function Traveling, Running, Taekwondo, Drums/Piano
Jessica Young

jessica Wilkes Honors College, majoring in Geoscience, Environmental Science, Writing 3D and 2D modeling, data visualizations, visual narratives, snails Art, gardening

 Wafa Abdelaziz

Wafa Abdelaziz College of Science; Biological sciences. Minor in the Language of Arabic Neuroscience, Biology, Chemistry, anatomy and physiology Ceramics and cooking

Skylar Hooler 

Skylar Hooler College of Science, majoring in Geoscience

Characterizing impacts of dams on surface water-groundwater interactions through field, laboratory and modeling techniques

Traveling, hiking, gardening, surfing & snowboarding

 Jessica Khera

Jessica Khera College of Science, Mathematics Analytic Combinatorics, Graph Theory Roller skating, traveling, reading 

 Lauren Melanson

Lauren Melanson Graduate Student, College of Science, Environmental Science Conservation Biology, Species Conservation, Invasive Species Impacts Hiking, DIY projects, Swimming, Playing board games
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