Council for Scholarship and Inquiry (C.S.I.)

The Council for Scholarship and Inquiry (C.S.I.) is a student organization under the guidance of FAU’s Office of Undergraduate Research and Inquiry. C.S.I. is open to FAU students in all disciplines. Opportunities sponsored by C.S.I. include general body meetings, developing the Undergraduate Research Journal (FAURJ), classroom presentations, and Meeting of the Minds events.

C.S.I.’s goals are to:

  • promote the existing culture of undergraduate research at FAU within all disciplines
  • enhance scholarship, creativity, critical thinking and academic excellence of undergraduate students at FAU
  • Encourage and foster school pride and unity at FAU.

Visit C.S.I.’s page on Owl Central to join and learn more! Click here to view 2018-19 CSI Constitution.

Get Involved!

If you would like to join C.S.I. and get involved in research at FAU, or just learn about some fun scholarly opportunities at FAU and beyond send an e-mail to Some ways to become involved can be seen below.

  1. Become a member and attend the General Body Meetings
    • Join CSI by signing on to OwlCentral and searching for CSI - then join in the fun! 
  2. Attend and/or volunteer at the "Meeting of the Minds"- events hosted to encourage networking and engagement between faculty and students
  3. Become familiar with the research process
  4. Volunteer Opportunities
  5. Leadership Opportunities

Meet the Officers of C.S.I.!


Title Email Research Interest Future Goals Affiliation
Christopher Mauer
chris Biomedical sciences with an emphasis on gene expression in the viruses and bacteria that result in human disease. I am currently working under Dr. Caputi in the Biomedical Science Center. I plan to graduate in the spring of 2019 and pursue a graduate degree in biomedical sciences before applying to medical school so that I may receive my M.D. I intend to become a practicing neurosurgeon some day but would like to maintain some ties to research.    American Medical Student Association (AMSA)
Vice President:
Imanise Telusnord
I am interested research in sociology and   psychology based research due to dealing with real people and how these people interact with others. I am also interested in neuroscience based research because I believe the brain is the most interesting organ to ever be created due to the factor that there is no mind that is exactly alike, which makes the human brain so unique. For this reason I want to dive into what makes the brain ticks and turns.
I expect to graduate in Spring of 2019 with a B.S. in Neuroscience and Behavior with a minor in Health Administration. My plan is further explore the field of Health Administration by applying to a graduate program. Afterwards my dream is to go to medical school and study Obstetrics. I plan to open up a practice where I can help woman through their pregnancies and everyday lives. One day I plan to mentor both young and older women be more knowledgeable about their health and more comfortable with their self image regardless of age.
America Medical Student Association (AMSA)
Samantha Maurice
  sam Most passionately I enjoy research about restrictive cardiomyopathy and improving the efficiency of vaccines. Additionally, research that involves child development and how their brains grow, develop and adapt over time in response to different environments.  I expect to graduate in Spring of 2020 with a B.S. in Neuroscience and Behaviour. I also plan to seek a minor in Psychology. After that, I plan to go to Medical School and pursue a career in Pediatrics, specifically Surgical Pediatrics. I hope to have a positive impact on children, adolescents, and their development, helping them grow and stay physically and mentally healthy. As a physician, I also hope to mentor young students who have a passion for medicine and help them achieve their goals. American Medical Student Association(AMSA), FAU C.L.A.S.S Tutor
Sandra Almanza
sandra Currently, analyzing the genetic origins of a free-ranging vervet monkey population in Dania Beach, Florida by using phylogenetic analysis in Dr. Kate Detwiler’s Primatology Lab.  Upon completing my Bachelor’s in Anthropology in the Fall semester of 2018, my next goal will be to pursue a master’s degree in either Anthropology or Primate Conservation. My main interests has always been in the conservation of endangered species. I am also an advocate for women of color from underrepresented backgrounds to pursue higher education and be active in research. I want to make a positive change through research as well as encourage others to do the same.  Council of Undergraduate Research (CUR)
Marketing Director:
Giselle Shim
giselle Effects of drugs on neurotransmitters, cancer research, biomedical science, development and treatment of addiction, aging process, neurological disorders at the cellular level   
I plan to graduate in Summer 2019 with a bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences. I will apply to medical school in order to pursue my goal of becoming a neurosurgeon and hopefully move to New York to work in a trauma intensive care unit. I will continue to work on drug-induced neurological research and will publish and present my work preceding medical school applications. Due to my passion for the field, I want to help as many patients as possible who have neurological diseases.  
American Medical Student Association (AMSA), Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA)
Co-Marketing Director:
Muhammad Rahman
Stem cell therapy in surgical procedures relating to organ repair, the mechanisms of reprogramming and transcription factor proteins, tumor growth and treatment I will be graduating with a B.S. in Biological Sciences in Spring 2021. Along the way, I hope to gain tremendous experience in the field of medicine and healthcare before obtaining an M.D. I hope to become an orthopedic surgeon and incorporate my research into my practice to aim for effectiveness in my profession.
American Medical Student Association (AMSA) 
Outreach Coordinator:
Alaina Tillman
Alaina The effects of neurotransmitters on mental disorders and addiction. As well as how genetic changes can impact the expression of certain neurological diseases and disorders. Another field of research I am pursuing is within Sociology, investigating how Students performing in Accelerated Educational Programs are impacted in their Transition Into Adulthood, as well as their Mental Health and Self Identity. Currently, I am in the Max Planck Honors in Neuroscience Program. I plan to graduate Spring of 2020 with a double major in Neuroscience & Behavior and Sociology with a minor in Spanish. After that, I plan to pursue a Masters in Biomedical Sciences, and hopefully continue in an M.D./Ph.D program. I am working to become a Pediatric Neurosurgeon associated with Doctors Without Borders. I hope to help inspire students to become more hands on and apply the knowledge they learn to the outside world.  The American Medical Student Association (AMSA) 
Outreach Coordinator:
Marianthi Karadakis
marianthi I am currently interested in moelcular cell biological processes regarding ciliogenesis in cancer cells compared to normal cells and if the PAK6 protein produces smaller cilia in abnormal/diseased cells.  I am currently a Biological Sciences major and hope to graduate next fall in 2020. I plan on attending medical school after I graduate from FAU. I hope to continue my education in global health and preventative medicine after I gain a stable ground in my career as a physician in a field I am unsure of at the moment. AMSA (American Medical Student Association.)
Undergraduate Research Journal:
Kenzie Rynn


Anything that involves the brain and behavior with a big focus on alzheimer's research, Post-traumatic stress disorder, addiction. Hoping to graduate in summer 2018 with a degree in Neuroscience and Behavior. Planning to move on to graduate school, whether I obtain a medical degree or a PhD. The goal is to use my education and training to help others, whether it's Doctor's Without Borders or becoming a therapist.   Global Medical Brigades (GMB), American Medical Women's Association (AMWA), FAU Women's Soccer Club



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