OWL Mail

Before you continue with these instructions, please make sure you set your Owl Apps Password.
You can use the same password as you do for your FAUNet ID, but keep in mind that the Owl Mail password is not synchronized with your FAUNet ID password, so if you change your FAUNet ID password the OwlMail password will not change unless you manually change it.

Step 1: Create a new account.


Step 2: Enter your name, your email address, and your FAU Owl Apps password. (Note: You must use your email.)


Step 3: Click on Manual config at the bottom left corner.


Step 4: Use the information shown below. You will need to re-enter the username with your email address (


Step 5 : The final step is to select Create Account. Please allow some time for Thunderbird to download your e-mail.

 Last Modified 8/13/18