As You Prepare to Leave FAU

    If resigning your position, give your supervisor a written resignation letter which includes the 
      effective date of your resignation

   If your address will be changing please change it in Workday.

    Return all University property to your supervisor (i.e. keys, building access card, cell phone,
      Owl card)

    Ensure that all outstanding debts to the University are satisfied. (i.e. return any library books
      you may have checked out, pay parking fines, etc.)

    Your final paycheck will be mailed to the home address you have on file with the University.

    Leave payout(s), if eligible, typically occur 1-2 pay periods after your final
       paycheck, and will be mailed to your home.

    Leave payouts are contingent upon the completed Separation Clearance Process.

    Prior to your last day, complete the online  Employee Exit Interview Survey  and return it to
      Human Resources via email, USPS mail or in person.

Important Benefits & Retirement information

Group Insurance:

Insurance benefits end the last day of the month following the month that your last day of employment occurs. For example, if last day is July 12, 2018, benefits end August 30, 2018.

For a listing of current insurance coverage, go to:         

Or call 1-866-663-4735                                                                                                                                           

Cobra Health Insurance:

Information and COBRA application packet is mailed from PeopleFirst approximately 2 weeks before benefits end. COBRA is available for health and dental plans. Other plans may have conversion options; contact the provider company for information.                                                                                         

COBRA Rates: (effective January 2018)

Individual Coverage:                    $749.11                                                           

Family Coverage:                        $1686.24                                                        

Retirement Benefits:

Division of Retirement:                FRS – 850-488-6491                                                

                                                         FRS Investment – 866-446-9377               

                                                         ORP: Contact your provider company.

Important: FRS Re-employment and Renewed Membership Limits (As of July 1, 2010)

Investment Plan:

  • Considered “Retiree” if terminated and take ANY distribution.
  • No re-employment at FRS agency for 6 months.
  • Eligible for renewed membership (in the FRS Investment plan only) if reemployed on or after July 1, 2017   Working After Retirement for Investment Plan Members

Pension Plan:

Optional Retirement Program

  • Considered “Retiree” if terminated and take ANY distribution.
  • No re-employment at FRS agency for 6 months.
  • Eligible for renewed membership (SUSORP) if reemployed on or after July 1, 2017

 Last Modified 10/12/18