Sponsorship Opportunites 

The conference will be held on Saturday, November 14, 2020 through a one-of-a-kind, virtually-immersive conference environment, provided by MediaOps. This includes virtual expo hall with booths and chat rooms. You will be able to learn, download unlimited digital resources on-the-spot, and interact directly with sponsors and attendees.

  • Company exposure to 150+ participants
  • Support the Data Science, Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence Conference
  • Contributions are tax deductible
  • Promote student and faculty research

pdf Download Sponsorship Opportunities Flyer.

$50,000 Platinum Sponsor

Join FAU as the lead sponsor of the third annual Data Science, Analytics and Al Conference. Your name and logo will be prominently displayed on all materials, highlighted throughout the conference, and posted on all donor recognition materials as well as internal and external media. Your Platinum Sponsorship includes:

  • "A Day at FAU" (on a mutually agreed upon date) to include lunch with the dean of the
    Charles E. Schmidt College of Science and data scientists from the college.
  • Seed funding to support 10 students for one semester, for research fellowship or scholarship in the
    data science and Al field.
  • A one-time named lecture to be held on FAU's campus (or virtually), on a mutually agreed
    upon date.
  • 10 registrations to the conference, booth sponsorship, and a named Breakout Session.

$25,000 Named Student Scholarship

Put your name or your company's name on a student scholarship fund and help support students in the fields of data science, analytics and artificial intelligence fields. Help build your employment pipeline. This also includes booth sponsorship, five registrations to the conference and logo listing on the conference website. In addition, you or your company will have recognition on marketing materials and the conference virtual platform.

$10,000 Named Lecture

Put your name or your company's name on a lecture to be held on FAU's campus and open to the FAU and South Florida community. Includes five registrations to the conference, booth sponsorship and logo listing on the website, and conference marketing materials.

$5,000 Named Conference Breakout Session and Booth Sponsorship

Put your corporate name on one of the conference Breakout Sessions. Breakout Sessions are visible and open to all conference participants and an integral part of the conference schedule. Includes five registrations to the conference and corporate logo recognition on the conference website are included.

$3,000 Booth Sponsorship

With your booth you will be able to closely interact with conference guests. Using the MediaOps immersive virtual conference platform, your booth takes on your organization's identity with your company name and logo prominently displayed in your virtual booth, as well as the company's social media links, website links, booth rep chat areas or links to Zoom sessions, rep email and contact information, booth materials (such as whitepapers, videos, images, links to web pages, and more). Contact us for full details. Includes four registrations to the conference included, along with corporate logo listing on conference website.

$1,500 Coffee Break Sponsorship

Two registrations to the conference, corporate logo recognition on the website and time during the coffee hour to share information about your company.

$1,000 Company Sponsorship

Two registrations to the conference and your company’s logo prominently displayed on the conference website.

$500 Student Support

Sponsor a data science and analytics student for one semester. These funds could enable a student to attend a conference or act as seed money for a research project in the AI Sandbox. This includes two registrations to the conference.

For details, please contact Maria Provost at mprovost@fau.edu.