COSO Funding for Registered Student Organizations


The COSO Executive Board is responsible for allocating funds through (1) the Annual Budgeting Process and (2) Contingency Funding (New Student Organization Funding and Emergency Funding).

  • All registered student organizations go through the Annual Budgeting Process to receive funding for the next academic year. Annual Budget packets are available in Mid-November and are typically due in the beginning of the spring semester. Detailed instructions will be sent when the Annual Budget packet becomes available.
  • Any club that is formed after the Annual Budget deadline is eligible for New Organization Funding. New Organization Funding requests are due two business days before the bi-weekly COSO Funding Meetings with all justification attached. Meeting dates are established at the beginning of every semester, contingent on the schedules of the COSO Executive Board.
  • All organizations are eligible to request Emergency Funding at any point in the year after they have exhausted their annual budget or if they can demonstrate that their annual budget is already accounted for. The maximum amount that can be allocated for Emergency Funding is $1000 per organization per semester.
  • For Emergency/New Organization Funding, the organization requesting funds must attend the Council’s Funding Meeting in order to be allocated funds. The organization requesting funds shall be granted time to make a statement to the Executive Board and answer any questions the Executive Board deems necessary. The Executive Board will then proceed to vote on an amount to allocate the organization. The maximum amount that can be allocated for New Organization Funding is $500 per organization per semester.

Rules and Restrictions—COSO CANNOT fund for:

  • Food/refreshments for general meetings (any regular business meeting/non-event)
  • Cash awards, scholarships, or gift card
  • Alcohol or weapons
  • Political campaigns (this does not pertain to elections within your organization)
  • Personal Items (i.e. office supplies for personal use)
  • A fundraiser. You cannot use your COSO money for ANY part of a fundraising event.
  • Services/materials (flyers, posters, buttons, etc.) already covered by the Club House
  • Student specific personalized items (i.e. business cards, jerseys)
  • On-campus room rental: the Student Union facilities are free to student organizations. Please check with the Student Union before reserving space if you have questionable items that may incur costs.

Additional COSO Funding Limitations:

  • No more than $9 per student organization t-shirt (this does include screen, service or any additional cost of fees). The total cost of invoice for t-shirts should NOT be more than $9 per shirt.
  • No more than $18 per student organization polo (this does not include screen/service fees).
  • No more than $900 for performers (this includes speakers, coaches, bands, trainers, etc.). The $900 limit is for the total expense per academic year. If the costs of a performer exceed this amount, you may co-sponsor with another student organization or fundraise the difference in costs.
  • Allocations for equipment requests are heard on a case by case basis and it is up to the COSO Executive Board to be deemed acceptable. All equipment purchased with COSO funds must be kept in a COSO Storage Locker or another location on campus and approved by COSO.