Unit Personnel

Title Area of Responsibility Email Office Phone
Research Integrity General Email General Inquiries researchintegrity@fau.edu
C. Elisa Gaucher, M.B.A. Assistant Vice President for Research Integrity IRB, IACUC, FCOI, IBC, RCR egaucher@fau.edu ME 104 / Room 326 561.297.2318
Kristen Ware, Ph.D. Associate Director, Animal Research Protections Program IACUC, IBC, FCOI kcware@fau.edu ME 104 / Room 325 561.297.0961
Cortni Romaine, MS, CIP Associate Director, Human Research Protections Program IRB cromaine@fau.edu ME-104 / Room 328 561.297.1348
Donna J. Simonovitch, B.S.H.S.A. Manager Human Research Protections Program IRB dsimonovitch@fau.edu ME 104 / Room 329 561.297.1388
Judith Martinez, M.Ed. Manager, Training and Unit Operations IRB, FCOI, RCR martinezj2012@fau.edu ME 104 / Room 324 561.297.1383
Dana Mulvaney, B.S. Coordinator, Animal Research Protections Program IACUC dmulvane@fau.edu ME 104 / Room 323 561.297.4992
Andrew Donovan, B.A. Coordinator, Institutional Biosafety Program IBC adonovan@fau.edu ME 104 / Room 327 561.297.3697