Graduation Celebration for Psychology and Neuroscience Students

virtual graduation celebration

by Lynda F. Rysavy | Thursday, May 07, 2020

Professors Julie Earles, Ph.D., Kevin Lanning, Ph.D., and Laura Vernon, Ph.D., hosted a surprise virtual ceremony on May 5 for Harriet L. Wilkes Honors College graduates in psychology and neuroscience.  The faculty gifted the students with mortarboards; students reminisced about their favorite college memories and shared their future plans.


"We have had the good fortune to work with an exceptional group of students these last few years, and we wanted to do something - even something small - to recognize and thank them. We look forward to a more formal ceremony when circumstances permit." said Dr. Lanning.


Dr. Earles added "Our psychology and neuroscience students demonstrated such great resilience during this difficult time. I am so proud of our amazing students for completing meaningful thesis work and continuing to engage in their classes even after their classes were moved online. Their compassion for each other and ability to work together is truly remarkable. It is an honor to work with them.”


“Earning an Honors college degree in psychology or neuroscience is challenging during the best of times," said Dr. Vernon."The challenge is greatly magnified during a global pandemic. Our students were physically removed from campus and their professors. On top of that, some of them had to change their research and data collection plans. Many had entirely new financial, family, and health worries and responsibilities. Nevertheless, they rose to the occasion and we are so proud of them.”


"If you ask faculty what their "why" is, you'll hear one of two things: their love of teaching or the students. You might even get both," added Mariana Lopes, one of the graduating seniors. "My favorite thing about the Honors College is that very quickly upon arriving, students make the faculty a part of their "why." The lovely celebration put together by the psychology department is the epitome of why us students have been able to keep doing what we're doing. We have had the most empowering professors/advisers/friends out there! There have been times when my strength left me and my motivation was long gone, but I kept pushing because I had someone who told me I was capable of more than I thought I was—and they were right. The amazing faculty are the real gems of FAU, and I could never thank them enough."


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