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Market Validation Workshop (MVW)

Are you creating an innovative product or service in hopes that your target market will want to buy it? Have you spoken to your target market to uncover their needs and pain points?

MVW is a customer discovery program that invites entrepreneurs to define their product market fit by conducting interviews with potential customers. The crash course consists of a kickoff workshop with team presentations, a 30-minute check-in (virtual option) and a lessons learned finale presentation. The cost is $100 per participant.

We help entrepreneurs and small businesses:

  • Gather qualitative data to identify or validate unmet market or clinical needs
  • Discover your product market fit (i.e. who is your customer and what needs are you fulfilling)
  • Identify gaps and assumptions in your business model canvas
  • De-risk your company/startup by conducting customer discovery interviews

Participants in this program receive multiple resources and opportunities, including:

  • Personalized instruction
  • Two month access to co-working space
  • Networking opportunities
  • Access to a no cost Florida SBDC at FAU consultation
  • Three month access to specialized software for course materials and interview tracking
  • Entrance into FAU's Innovation and Business Development pipeline, programs and resources.

All resources and opportunities are contingent upon a signed agreement.

Note: general deliverables are subject to change, please refer to cohort syllabus.

Final Deliverables

Each team (or entrepreneur) will produce and present the following:

  • Kickoff Presentation
  • 30 minute check-in
  • Finale Presentation: Lessons Learned
  • 25 interviews completed over several weeks

*FAU Tech Runway participants do not have to pay for the Market Validation Workshop and may be eligible to receive credit for this program.

Upcoming MVW

Apply for upcoming workshops to be notified.

MVW runs multiple times a year during the Spring, Summer and Fall.


MVW is part of the FAU Innovation and Business Development ecosystem. For more information visit