SPECIAL PROGRAMS: Transient Student Enrollment

A Concurrent enrolled student is one who is degree seeking and taking classes at FAU (Home School) AND another eligible institution (Host School) in the same semester. Financial aid will be disbursed from FAU based on the student's total combined enrollment (FAU + Host School) for the semester.
An Outgoing Consortium enrolled student is one who is degree seeking at FAU (Home School) BUT is ONLY taking classes at another institution (Host School) AND would like to receive their scheduled FAU Financial Aid Award(s). FAU ENROLLMENT STATUS MUST BE ZERO CREDIT HOURS.
An Incoming Consortium enrolled student is one who is NOT degree seeking at FAU (Host School). Therefore, financial aid status and information must be addressed to your degree seeking institution (Home School).

What’s New!!!

For Transient students attending a Florida Public (Host) Institutions

EFFECTIVE July 1, 2012: House Bill (Bill 5201) was passed in which the requirement of submitting transient paperwork changed. Students will now have to use the electronic transient form available on the Florida Virtual Campus website for ALL Florida Public College/University transient requests.

For information on how to logon, navigate the site and complete the online transient student form, click on Florida Virtual Campus Instructions.

After the transient form has been completed by the student, Florida Virtual campus will notify the student of their status by email.

If it is determined student is “Approved” by FAU Office of Student Financial Aid an email will be sent with further instructions of required documents to turn in to FAU Office of Student Financial Aid.

If approved by the FAU Financial Aid Office, below are some of the requirements that will be needed:

1. Transient Terms and Conditions Form (will be available on Self Service under Student Requirements)

2. Approved Transient Student Form online through www.flvc.org (Please PRINT out Online Transient Form)

3. Paid in full receipt from the Host institution after their drop/add deadline date for term.

4. Copy of class schedule printed after drop/add deadline of the Host institution.

Are you a transient student who falls under anyone of the criteria?

  • Student enrolled at a private College or University
  • Student enrolled at an Out of State College or University
  • Student enrolled as a Graduate Student

If you will be a transient student meeting one of the criteria mention above (private, out of state, or graduate student), please contact Nicole Ryan in the Office of Student Financial Aid for guidance as your process will be different.

Do you need money to purchase textbooks as an Outgoing Consortium student?

If enrolled as a consortium student, please download the Outgoing Consortium Short Term Advance Application located on the Forms webpage (must print hard copy) and submit to the Office of Student Financial Aid. You may borrow up to $750 with a non-refundable processing fee of $5.00 assessed. In addition, you must also establish direct deposit through MYFAU under the "Money Matters!" tile.