SPECIAL PROGRAMS: Consortium Study

EFFECTIVE July 1, 2012: House Bill (Bill 5201) was passed in which the requirements of submitting transient paperwork has changed. Students will now have to use the electronic transient form available on Florida Virtual Campus website for ALL Florida Public College/University transient requests.

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EFFECTIVE July 1, 2012: Contact the FAU Financial Aid Office to request an Outgoing Consortium Student Form if youmeet one of the following criteria below:

  • enrolled at a private College or University
  • enrolled at an Out of State College or University
  • enrolled as a graduate student


Incoming consortium students attend Florida Atlantic University as the "host" school. We are not your degree-seeking school; therefore, any questions regarding your financial aid information must be addressed to your home school. For more information, please review the Incoming Consortium guidelines located on the Forms section of this web site.

Outgoing consortium students attend Florida Atlantic University as their "home" school. "Home" school is defined as the institution where you are degree-seeking. Students who plan to receive financial aid for being enrolled "exclusively" at an institution other than FAU for a particular term (i.e. taking zero credits at FAU for the term).


Do you need money to purchase textbooks!

If enrolled as a consortium student, please download the Outgoing Consortium Short Term Advance Application hardcopy (located on the Forms webpage) and submit to the Office of Student Financial Aid. Students may borrow up to $750 with a non-refundable processing fee of $5.00 assessed.

In addition, the student must also establish direct deposit. Log on to MYFAU, click on the Money Matters! tab, click on the Direct Deposit for Financial Aid link and click on Student Services (Follow the instructions on viewing/updating direct deposit information).