Special Enrollment Programs include:  Transient Student Enrollment, Co-operative Education and Study Abroad.

Please review the eligiblity and requirements of each program.  Students who participate in any of these programs are advised to contact their Financial Aid Representative with any questions, since these programs generally require special handling.  In addition, there may be a delay in receiving financial aid funds. 

  1. Transient Student Enrollment
    • EFFECTIVE July 1, 2012:  House Bill (Bill 5201) was passed in which the requirement of submitting transient student enrollment paperwork changed.  Click on the link above for more details.
  2. Co-op Programs
  3. Study Abroad


Due to limited funds, ALL FAU Institutional Grants and Scholarships will ONLY be calculated and disbursed for FAU credits.  Transient Student Enrollment will NOT be considered when calculating financial aid eligibility for FAU institutional grants and scholarships. This includes the FAU Grant and FAU scholarships awarded to incoming students upon admission.