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Continuing Education Defined

Continuing education may include non-credit or for-credit offerings:


Non-credit continuing education offerings include, but are not limited to: non-credit certificates, badges, micro-credentials, continuing education units, professional development units, training modules, workshops, seminars, test preparation, teacher preparation.


For-credit continuing education offerings include, but are not limited to: self-supporting programs, self-supporting certificates, self-supporting courses.

Request Information

To request continuing education approval regarding for-credit self-supporting programs, complete the following:

To request continuing education approval for non-credit or for-credit programs or courses, complete the following form .

For programs and courses that have not been through the New Degree Approval Process, complete the following forms .

Marketing Consult & Analysis

We assist with providing a market analysis that includes an overview regarding potential top performing continuing education programs/courses, student demand potential, prospective labor demand and current competitive saturation.

Program Budget Discovery Session

We provide assistance with the budget approval process. Our staff will help with the development and implementation of the program/course budget and guidance for on-going financial reporting, and Marketplace set-up.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System Access

The Continuing Education CRM system will allow you to store customer and prospect information, track customer interaction, serve as an enrollment portal and produce invoicing documents.

Instructional Design Services

Our Instructional Design Team will help you innovative content delivery strategies, including use of the learning management system, Canvas.

Grant Proposal Consultation

Our Learning Strategists can assist with identifying grant opportunities that align with your continuing education offerings.

For more information and assistance contact Dr. Julie Golden Botti, Executive Director of Online and Continuing Education at continuinged@fau.edu.