Exercise Science Health Promotion (SIR)

This program would be appropriate for students with any combination of interests in sports, medicine, behavioral and preventative health, wellness, sports psychology and allied health. Health promotion students learn how to approach, modify and monitor human behavior which influences poor health habits so that negative health outcomes can be prevented or remedied. Exercise, including learning the science of proper exercise, promotes a person’s well-being. Student will learn how to properly engage people to change their habits while promoting healthy activities such as effective exercise.

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Related Major Skills

Active listening
Critical thinking
Judgement and decision making
Reading comprehension
Social perceptiveness
Speaking coordination
Time management

Sample Work Settings

Airline Schools
Athletic Teams
Colleges or Universities
Community and public health settings
Correctional Institutions
Exercise Science
Factory Cafeterias
Federal Social Service Agencies
Fitness Centers
Food Industry Laboratories
Food Manufacturing
Food Research Departments
Health Departments
Health Organizations
Health Organizations
Health Spas
Hotels and Restaurants
Nursing Homes
Nutrition and Food Science
Physician's Office
Private Practice
Processing Firms
Processing Plants
Public Health Agencies
Social Service Agencies
Spas or Resorts
State and Federal Research Labs
U.S. Department of Agriculture
U.S. Department of Health
Wellness Centers

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