Sociology MA Students Present at Southern Sociological Society Conference

Monday, Apr 15, 2019

Six Sociology MA students presented their original research at the Southern Sociological Conference held between April 10-13, 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia.

The presentations included:

Class and Status in Children's Movies: an Interactionist Approach -- Javier Acuna

The Secret Preschool Curriculum: Preschool Standardization as a Reflection of Cultural Values -- Taylor Devereaux

Enlightenment, self-awareness, and the irony of colorblindness: Yoga studios as a racial project -- Christine Matragrano

Racialized & Gendered Media Representations of Domestic Violence -- Emily Faith Rosen

Smartphones, Privacy and the Self -- Jessica Lory Shoemaker

The International Coffee Market in a Post-ICA World -- Jai Tumolo