Special Courses

Are you registering for courses for Summer & Fall 2021? Check out these new and recently updated courses!

Summer 2021

COM 4930 - Hip Hop & Communicating Identity


This course asks students to examine how hip hop culture has historically been deployed across the borders of aesthetics, identities, and global perspectives.

In particular, this class invites students to analyze how hip hop culture has been understood and used as a tool of artistic expression and resistance within and beyond the borders of the United States and examine how the media and hip hop culture have informed society's understandin of various identities and their intersections across the borders of race, gender, class, religion, etc. 

Hip Hop & Communicating Identity is taught by Dr. Marquese McFerguson.


Fall 2021

DIG2202 - Digital Culture (Intellectual Foundations Program)

Digital Culture

Digital Culture surveys digital culture and the technologies that make it possible. Learn about how digital culture shapes who we are and how we interact with the world. Understand its origins in early computing and recognize the unseen infrastructures that surround us. Become versed in the politics of AI, digital consumption, and surveillance tech. Understand hacker and gamer culture, and learn about the possibilities of digital art. Take your everyday digital world seriously. In this semester, Dr. Andrea Miller  teaches what you need to know about the important implications of digital culture. (CRN #21084)


SPC4232 - Studies in Rhetoric: Examining Hip Hop Across Borders and Perspectives

Hip Hop

This course introduces students to the interdisciplinary field of hip hop studies and invites them to see hip hop as more than "just music." This course critically explores hip hop history, aesthetics, pedagogy, dance, fashion, poetry, visual art, and languae in an attempt to illuminate the art form's sonic, social, cultural, and political impact. 

From the deejay, to the graffiti artist, to the emcee, within this course, each foundational element within hip hop culture will be used as a creatie-intellectual lens to investigate how the art form has influenced the ways in which we see, perform, and interpret race, gender, class, religion, sexuality, and lived experiences on a regional, national, and international level. Examining Hip Hop Across Borders and Perspectives is taught by Dr. Marquese McFerguson.


DIG 4930/MMC 6707 - Creating Interactive Culture: Expanding Digital Production for Grads & Undergrads

Are you interested in Gaming, VJing, Interactive Art & Museum Exhibits, Projection Mapping, Web Apps?  If so, you’re already involved in an interactive culture, a community of creators and participants who are exploring these forms. In Creating Interactive Culture, we will examine these forms, as well as more recent phenomena like Zoom Performances, Subverting Social Media, NFTs, and Virtual Influencers. We will do this in a production environment, using tools such as VR, 360° video, and software for creating interactive audio, video, and text. Find your way into creating these exciting new expressive and collaborative worlds! Contact Dr. Bargsten for more info: jbargste@fau.edu. 

Creating Interactive Culture is taught by Dr. Joey Bargsten.