Valentina Martinez and Michael Harris awarded Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation grant

ambassador fund one

Friday, Sep 07, 2018

(Photo 1:  (left to right),  FAU Professor Valentina Martinez, U.S. Ambassador Todd Chapman, Janetta Chapman, Benito Medina (Treasurer, Comunidad Salango), and Cirilo Macias (President, Comunidad Salango))


FAU Anthropology professors Valentina Martinez, as Principal Investigator, and Michael Harris (co-PI) have been awarded an Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation grant from the U.S. Department of State for the project “Conservation and Protection of the Archaeological Cultural Heritage of the Pueblo Manta.”  The project focuses on creating the infrastructure for managing and preserving archaeological collections at the village level and builds on Valentina Martinez’s work in Ecuadorian archaeology and community engagement, incorporating involvement of the local Comunidad Salango and Ecuador’s Institute of Cultural Patrimony, part of the Ministry of Culture.  The project will run for two years.  On August 31, 2018, the U.S. Ambassador to Ecuador, Todd Chapman, met in Salango, Ecuador with Professor Martinez and local authorities to announce the award. 


 ambassador grant 2

(Photo 2 (l-r):  Cirilo Macias (President, Comunidad Salango), Janetta Chapman, U.S. Ambassador to Ecuador Todd Chapman, FAU Professor Valentina Martinez, and Celia Pincay (President, Parroquia Salango))