Douglas Kanter: Cambridge History of Ireland

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Monday, Jun 25, 2018
Douglas Kanter, History, is one of 103 leading historians from around the world that contributed to the recently released 4-volume “Cambridge History of Ireland.” It is a landmark survey of Irish history from c.600 to the present day and the publishers say that it is the most comprehensive and authoritative history of Ireland yet attempted. “Vibrant, comprehensive, and accessible, ‘The Cambridge History of Ireland’ presents the Irish story – or stories – from 600 to the present.”

Four comprehensive volumes bring together the latest scholarship, setting Irish history within broader Atlantic, European, imperial and global contexts. The work benefits from a strong political narrative framework, and is distinctive in including essays that address the full range of social, economic, religious, linguistic, military, cultural, artistic and gender history, and in challenging traditional chronological boundaries in a manner that offers new perspectives and insights.