Graduate Courses

Linguistics and Reading (LIN 5745) 3 credits

The application of linguistic knowledge to the teaching of reading through an examination of the rules of structural analysis, spelling, phonics, phonemics, morphophonemics, phonetics, and dialectology.

Principles of Linguistic Analysis (LIN 6135) 3 credits

An introduction to the core basics of linguistics and an apprenticeship to linguistic analysis for graduate students in their first semester of master’s program of study.

Foundations of Linguistic Theory (LIN 6150) 3 credits

Course intended to introduce students of linguistics and neighboring disciplines to the major currents in linguistic theory. Beginning with a brief overview of the history of linguistics, the course concentrates on seminal texts of recurrent interdisciplinary significance that characterize major theoretical frameworks.

Morphology and Syntax (LIN 6585) 3 credits

Contemporary techniques of grammatical description and practice in the analysis of grammatical structure.

Sociolinguistics (LIN 6601) 3 credits

A seminar on sociolinguistics with particular emphasis on an examination of the history, structure (sounds, grammar, and vocabulary), and educational implications of Black English, also known as African American Vernacular English (AAVE).

Second Language Acquisition (LIN 6720) 3 credits

Prerequisite: LIN 3010
A survey of theoretical models of communicative competence and second language acquisition and a discussion of the practical implications of these models for instruction and assessment, including the application of course concepts to authentic second/foreign language data.

Directed Independent Study (LIN 6908) 1-4 credits

Independent reading and research in advanced topics and by permission of the instructor only. The program of study is arranged in consultation with the instructor during the term prior to the student taking the course.

Seminar in Linguistics (LIN 6938) 2-4 credits

Topics will vary. May be repeated for credit.

Master’s Thesis (LIN 6971) 1-6 credits

Grading: S/U