Service Learning Resources

Student Resources
  • Benefits
    • Enrich learning experience
    • Develop life skills
    • Get involved with the community
    • Explore career options
    • Make a difference

Sample of Courses

SLS 1503 Jennifer Bebergal Criminal Justice SLS (Learning Strategies and Human Development)
EDG 3323 Pamela Cornett Effective Teaching Practices 1
EDG 3940 Lorraine Cross Secondary School Effective Instruction
WST 4349 Jane Caputi Green Consciousness: American Ecological Identities
HSA 4817 Dennis Palkon Health Practicum
FRW 4930 Carla Carlarge Postcolonial France
EML 6930 Chaouki Ghenai Sustainable Engineering and EcoDesign
NUR 4607 Shirley Gordon Ethics in Nursing
MAN 2935 John Hardman Sustainability Leadership for Engineers
GEA 4275 Tobin Hindle Human-Environmental Interactions in South Florida
ENC 4930 Wendy Hinshaw Writing for Non-profits
SOW 2930 Allan Barsky Social Action and Social Change
ARH 4957 Brian McConnell Exploring Ancient Sicily at Palike'
TAX 4871 Georgi Smatrakalev Tax Practice
SPAN 2221 Justin White  Intermediate Spanish II


Faculty Resources

  • Academic Service-Learning & Faculty
    Faculty members may choose to incorporate academic service- learning into their courses. The course instructor guides students through their service commitment, offering assistance throughout the experience. Click here for the Application for Academic Service-Learning Course Designation.

  • Benefits
    • Obtain opportunities for research/publishing
    • Further engage students
    • Incorporate diverse teaching styles
    • Get involved with the community
    • Make a difference

  • Supporting Research

    More information coming soon!

  • Sample Syllabi
    • SLS 1503: Explore
      • SLS 1503 Syllabus
      • LC Experience Syllabus
      • Explore Service-Learning Contract
    • SLS 1503: Criminal Justice
    • SPAN 2221: Intermediate Spanish
    • EDG 3323: Effective Teaching Practices I
    • ENC ____: Writing for Non-Profits
    • MAR

  • NobleHour Guides
  • Academic Service-Learning: For Faculty
Community Resources
  • Service Learning & the Community
    The community takes an active role in the academic development of students who take part in Service Learning courses. Local needs are addressed and met through class projects, volunteer work and advocacy.

  • Benefits
    • Increase availability of resources
    • Strengthen advocacy efforts
    • Enhance public awareness of community needs
    • Engage and build long-lasting relationships with volunteers and FAU
    • Participate in students academic experience
    • Bring education beyond the classroom




Reflections on Service Learning

Reflection by Susan T. Toth, Director of Education, Pine Jog Environmental Education Center, College of Education, Florida Atlantic University (September 6, 2005):

"When students are given the opportunity to apply their classroom learning through hands-on service projects of their own design, we are engaging them in a powerful educational experience. Service learning provides a proven vehicle that is both the means and the application of learning. The Service Learning activities in our courses are directly related to specific course objectives; and not only challenge students to apply their learning in a real world context, but result in students' personal satisfaction and feeling of empowerment that they can make a difference in their communities."

Reflection by Professor Dennis S. Palkon, Ph. D., M.P.H., M.S.W., College of Business, Florida Atlantic University (July 26, 2005):
"According to most of my students, their Service Learning class is their greatest learning experience at FAU since it places them in the real world with real problems, issues and solutions. As a professor, I also believe that Service Learning helps me help students give back to the community and produce beneficial change for all. Students often obtain more self-confidence and experiential knowledge with Service Learning and desire it as a means to do good and to be enriched by it. "

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