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  ASB 2014-2015 Trips Site Descriptions

Ace Ventura Pet Detectives: Sarasota, FL (Animal Welfare)

In recent years the human population has increased greatly while the animal population has decreased. Today, there are about 63,837 species listed as endangered according to International Union for Conservation of Nature's Red List. In Florida alone there are about 56 endangered animals. This list consists of animals ranging from marine animals like the Caribbean Monk Seal to wild animals like the Florida Panthers. Animals are part of the ecosystem serving in a variety of capacities, including ocean and forest preservers, companions, guides, and many others. Participants on this site will work with several agencies, including the Humane Society of Sarasota and Mote Marine Laboratory who value the contributions animals make to our circle of life. (Animal Welfare):

Site Leader: Karla Armstrong

Karla  Karla M. Armstrong is a sophomore majoring in Political Science and recent FAU student representative at Break Away's Alternative Spring Break Citizenship School (ABCs). She is enthusiastic and passionate about service. She is full of school spirit and loves Florida Atlantic University and all it has to offer.


Hoot Rescue Rangers: Tabernacle, NJ (Disaster Recovery & Rebuilding)

Natural Disasters are REAL and unpredictable with the extent of the damage they may cause. Examples include floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, and sink holes that affect thousands of people every year. During the past few years we have seen an increase in natural disasters across the United States. More recently, Hurricane Sandy damaged homes, businesses, and the everyday functionality of people's lives in New Jersey. Since the disaster many organizations have been working on donating supplies and their time to rebuild portions of areas horribly affected. Spend a week with the Fuller Center for Housing to help remodel and reshape communities for families misplaced by Hurricane Sandy. (Note: The location of this site is subject to change based on immediate needs that may arise where our efforts for recovery and rebuilding will be most beneficial.)

 Site Leader: Shaamonde Joseph

Shaamonde Shaamonde Joseph is a senior pursuing a degree in Health Administration. Her career goal is to become a Physician Assistant. She currently serves as the president of the Student Health Advisory Council and is a member of Konbit Kreyol and National Council of Negro Women. She loves giving back and finds it rewarding to help others.


The "Green" Panther: Naples, FL (Environment)

Pollution, deforestation, habitat destruction, and species extinction are just a few of the environmental challenges that this planet faces. Collier -Seminole State Park rests on 7,271 acres near Naples, Fl and offers the opportunity for participants to learn how to be stewards of the land to better preserve, protect, and restore the stunning flora and fauna offered in this sub-tropical environment. Additional work will be completed with Fakahatchee State Park, often referenced as the Amazon of the United States with its many species of plants that thrive there and in no other location in the lower 48 states.

Site Leader: Katherine Sosa

Katherine Katherine Sosa is currently a junior at FAU and recent LeaderShape graduate. Her career goal is to become a psychiatrist. In her spare time she loves to volunteer in hospitals, camp, and play softball. She also enjoys time spent with family and friends.


Codename-Kids Next Door: Lakeland, FL (Youth Development: Neglected and Abused Youth)

During 2011, approximately 681,000 children in the United States were victims of abuse or neglect. Many of these children are not reunited with their parents or relatives. Instead, the children are either adopted or placed into foster care where they await adoption. Participants will work with multiple agencies who are the fighting voice for the children, including Florida Baptist Children's Home whose focus since 1904 is on providing safe housing and loving homes to children who have been abused or neglected. Students will also partner with agencies that provide residential and emergency shelter, adoption services, and help for youth to transition out of foster care.

Site Leader: Sheila Serin

Sheila Sheila Serin was born in Haiti and raised in Florida. She currently is a senior majoring in Neuroscience and Behavior. Her professional goal included becoming a Pediatrician. She is the vice president of the Student Health Advisory Council and member of Phi Delta Epsilon. She enjoys drawing, painting, kickboxing, and volunteering.


Spy Kids: Miami, FL (Youth Empowerment: At-risk Youth)

The little Haiti area of Miami is home to around 19,000 residents. Due to immigration barriers and language and culture differences, life for these residents is much more difficult. Students participating on this site will work with various organizations, including Arts Studio Miami (ASM), whose focus is on Youth Empowerment. ASM empowers the young minds of its inhabitants by providing a safe location where youth are inspired and guided by artists, teachers and volunteers. Collectively, these individuals support the youth education and career development through the integration of creative holistic arts.

Site Leader: Cynthia Maceda

cynthia Cynthia Maceda is a senior double-majoring in Psychology and Secondary English Education. This is her third year participating in Alternative Spring Break and being a site leader. She loves volunteering, learning new things, and staying busy. Cynthia highly encourages students to apply to ASB because there really is not anything ASBetter!

ASB Student Assistant/Alternate Site Leader: Winie Camille

Winie Winie Camille is currently a junior. Her major includes Accounting with a minor in Spanish. She is involved with SAVI and Konbit Kreyol. Winie is passionate about helping others, volunteering, and mentoring. She enjoys networking, being social, and spreading optimism.

Alternative Spring Break Frequently Asked Questions

What is ASB?

Alternative Spring Break (ASB) is an opportunity to spend your spring break week serving a community in need. You will travel with other students and staff members to a new city where you will immerse yourself in service projects and learn about a particular issue affecting that community.

ASB will be one of the best weeks of your life – a chance to dedicate an entire week to serving others and learning about a new community. You will make new friends and come back with a new perspective on a complex social issue.


Why is Alternative Spring Break considered "alternative"?

Alternative Spring Break trips are a week "on" instead of a week "off" – you will have the incredible opportunity to use your break from courses to pursue a love of service and an interest in a particular social issue. Alternative Spring Break is also substance (drug and alcohol) free, offering students an alternative to the more "traditional" spring break.


What are the benefits of going on an ASB Trip?

  • Use your spring break to make a difference
  • Make new long-lasting friendships
  • Learn about a social issue by working alongside those directly affected
  • Build leadership skills and future involvement opportunities
  • Travel to a new and interesting city or location
  • Immerse yourself in a new culture and lifestyle
  • Have fun!
  • Give back!
  • Leaving your PRINT for a better world!


When is ASB?

March 2-8, 2015


How much does it cost?

The cost of each service trip is all-inclusive covering all food, transportation and housing for the week. The majority of the cost is covered by funding provided by Student Government.There is a non-refunable fee of $100-$250 depending on the specified site.This non-refundable fee  will be due within 5 business days after the site reveal. If no payment is received after 5 business days, your spot will be forfeited and offered to the next student on the waiting list. Payment instructions will be provided at time of acceptance. Participants will be able to pay with a debit card or a credit card. Cancellations with a refund of the fee will be accepted until Monday, January 5, by 11:59 p.m. Cancellations after this date and time will result in a forfeiture of your complete fee payment.


How do I apply?

Complete the ASB application online. The application deadline is TBA. Applications can be e-mailed to (preferred), faxed to 561-297-2563, or dropped off at any Weppner Center location.

Weppner Center locations:
Boca: Student Services, Room 225
Broward - Davie: Student Union, Room 203
Northern- Jupiter: Student Resources, Room 119


Are there any requirements for applying?

You must be enrolled as a full-time student at FAU during the Spring 2015 semester. You must have a 2.5 cumulative GPA at the time of application as well as time of travel. You may not be on probation for academic or disciplinary reasons. You may reference the student travel policy if you have any questions.


What is considered when selecting applicants for trips?

A number of factors are taken into account when evaluating applicants as we seek to create diverse groups of participants from all campus locations, years, and majors. The MOST important item looked at is the "questions" portion of your application. Treat the essays as a written interview. It is our way of truly ascertaining your character, interest level, intentions, maturity and compatibility for ASB.


Can I be placed on the same trip with my friend(s)?

Each applicant is evaluated individually and therefore guaranteed pairing is not possible. Applicants should put their best effort into writing their application, particularly the essay portion, in order to maximize their chances for being selected for their top choice trip. Keep in mind, however, that one of the benefits of going on ASB is meeting new students, making new friends, and broadening your social network at FAU, so it is to your benefit to attend trips with students you do not know.


How will I find out that I have been selected to participate?

All applicants will be emailed, at their FAU email addresses, informing them of their selection. Those students not selected will be placed on a waiting list and will be informed if a position becomes available. It is the student's responsibility to check their FAU email for communication regarding ASB.


I was selected for one site but I want to switch to another, is this possible?

No, you cannot change which site you are attending after participant selection.   Every site and trip will be a valuable, exciting, and powerful experience and we encourage applicants to keep an open mind about all of the site options.


I was selected for a trip but can no longer participate in ASB, what do I do?

Please send an email to immediately stating that you can no longer attend your trip. Please include a reason as to why you cannot attend the trip. 


What is the cancellation policy?

The deadline to cancel without penalty is Monday, Jan. 5 by 11:59 p.m.. After Monday, Jan. 5, you will forfeit in full your payment unless extenuating circumstances are present. Under extenuating circumstances, your cancellation without penalty request must be submitted in writing to the Weppner Center for Civic Engagement & Service and include documentation of the circumstances. Request for cancellation without penalty may be sent to Nori Carter,, or Ashley Williams,

Still have questions or want more information? Contact: Ashley Williams at



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