Florida Atlantic University's Information Security department is committed to protecting information resources that are critical to the academic and research mission of FAU. Information security is vital for providing the FAU community with accurate and reliable information. Our focus is to facilitate the security of all users, systems, and resources connecting to the University data network. The protection of university assets and information may be governed by legal/privacy requirements and policies. 

This web site was created to serve as a central location to find resources, policies and guidelines that address IT security.
The site is maintained by the OIT Information Security team.

Malware & Phishing Attacks

The Information Security Office provides you with alerts reported to us about known recent malicious attacks, malware, phishing, spam and other attempts.

Reminder: If you receive a message that is requesting you to verify your account or provides links for you to login to your account, you are advised to ignore such requests. Neither FAU nor legitimate financial institutions will ever ask you for this information via email or via a link in an email.

Please see list below of the latest threats reported and click on the PDF links to see examples of these threats:

Phishing Email, IT Department, 04/27/2017

Phishing Email, New Tax Documents, 01/19/2017

Phishing Email, (FAU.EDU) email quota, 09/29/2016

Phishing Email, Blackboard Learning: Mailing News, 09/12/2016

Phishing Email, Recent Activity, 09/09/2016

Phishing Email, Register Your FAU Net ID:, 08/31/2016

Phishing Email, Incoming Mail : DO NOT REPLY, 08/30/2016

Security Training

 Our information security team provides training on several topics pertaining to security awareness which were designed to educate our students and employees on best practices while handling sensitive information. Training sessions include our general security awareness course, red flags course, HIPAA training course, and more. If you are an employee and your department is requiring you to take one of the training sessions listed above, please visit fau.edu/training for more information. 

Questions or concerns? Feel free to contact us at security@fau.edu

 Last Modified 4/28/17