FAU Harbor Branch seeks to equate ecosystem health with human health and aims to cast a wide academic umbrella across all relevant disciplines. Our students and faculty study the natural world around us, and they assess the impact on the human environment and vice versa.

FAU scientists contribute lasting solutions to vexing environmental and marine problems. During the start-up phase of the FAU Harbor Branch pillar, we are organizing research around themes that are addressed by centers of research excellence across the university, such as the Center of Ocean and Human Health, the Center of Warm Water Aquaculture and the Florida Center for Environmental Studies to name just a few.

Technology transfer is an important facet of FAU Harbor Branch, as we looked to move faculty discoveries into the marketplace. That effort extends to establishing an FAU Tech Runway program on the Fort Pierce campus.

Driving future ecosystem research, especially in the marine environment, is a new Master of Science Program in Marine Science and the new doctoral track in Integrated Biology that will see PhD candidates recognized for their specialization in marine science.

 Last Modified 6/23/17