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The Florida Atlantic University Office of Public Safety was formed to consolidate resources and to address safety and security on the University's campuses. The Office of Public Safety is comprised of the University's Police Department, Parking & Transportation Services, and Security Technology Services.


University Police Department


The Florida Atlantic University Police Department strives to enhance the safety and quality of life for all students, faculty, staff and visitors of our campuses through effective law enforcement and proactive crime prevention in partnership with the University community.

The Florida Atlantic University Police Department is a full-service law enforcement agency which provides 24-hour protection and services to the University and its more than 30,000 students, faculty, and staff.The Boca Raton campus is currently our largest area of operations which is located on more than 800 acres of land and houses more than 50 buildings.

In addition to the Boca Raton campus, we also provide services to the University's partner campuses to include MacArthur, Harbor Branch, Davie, and SeaTech.

Security functions are provided by non-sworn uniformed employees of the department.  These employees are not certified police officers and do not have arrest powers. They provide security services and report to a sworn member of the department. There are sworn members of the FAUPD command staff, in the rank of Lieutenant, managing services at HBOI, Jupiter, and one for both Davie and SeaTech.   Department employees at these campuses report through the commanders to the Chief of Police.


Department of Parking and Transportation Services

Parking & Transportation Services Florida Atlantic University's Parking & Transportation Services provides a variety of campus services including the campus shuttle bus on the Boca Raton campus, charter bus services for University departments, and parking management and enforcement.

Parking & Transportation Services is an auxiliary enterprise, meaning it must generate revenue to support all its operations, including construction and maintenance of parking lots and garages. This area is headed by the Assistant Director for Parking & Transportation. The department is located on the Boca Raton campus in the Student Services Building (SU-80).


Department of Security Technology Services

Security Technology Services The University has made a significant investment in physical measures with a robust electronic access control and CCTV camera program. Both access control and the CCTV programs began modestly with small installations, however, have grown rather significantly and expanded to all campuses. There are currently over 1,200 CCTV cameras placed throughout the six campuses. Security Technology Services is the central point of responsibility for the CCTV system. The unit will develop and deliver a preventative maintenance and repair/replacement program. Electronic access control is an important component of the physical security of the university. There are currently 1250 doors on the access control system with 850 of those at the Boca Raton campus. This area is staffed by a Director, Computer Coordinator two technician positions and the University Locksmith. 



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