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Published 09/2015

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Understanding the Emotions

Victim Services 561-297-0500

Victims are not always able or willing to share their reactions with others. Below is a list of some reactions that victims may experience.  These are normal reactions to victimization.


  • I feel as if I did something to make this happen
  • If only I had been more careful.
  • What did I do to have this happen?


  • Whom can I trust?
  • My life has fallen apart.
  • I can't seem to get a grip on things anymore.


  • I feel so numb
  • Why am I so calm?
  • Why can't I cry?


  • Everything seems so weird.
  • The world is turned upside-down.
  • I can't pay attention to what I'm doing.


  • What has happened to me?
  • How could he/she have done this to me?
  • Did this really happen?


  • I have terrible nightmares.
  • I feel that same terror again!
  • I keep flashing back to the scene.


  • I can't talk to the police about this.
  • I don't want anyone to find out what happened.


  • Why am I such a mess?
  • This shouldn't bother me...


  • I feel so dirty
  • I'm ashamed to have anyone touch me.
  • I look so stupid


  • I can't stand to be alone.
  • I hate the dark now. I am terrified.
  • I feel ridiculously paranoid.


  • Sometimes I want to die.
  • I just don't want to see anyone.
  • I don't feel like getting out of bed.


  • I can't eat. I can't sleep.
  • My heart just starts pounding.
  • I am restless. I can't sit still.


  • I hate him/her. I could kill him.
  • I could smash something to pieces.
  • Why me? I hate this world.


  • I'll never feel normal again.
  • This event has traumatized me forever.
  • This pain is overwhelming.


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