Software Licensing & Support


Software for Faculty/Staff - FAU owned computers only:

FAU has  agreements with various vendors to provide discounted licenses for FAU owned computers. Please read through each software option below since some are more restrictive than others.

Ordering Software:

Product and Pricing Information



Software for Students/Faculty/Staff personal usage:

OIT has partnered with JourneyEd to providevarious discounted software, hardware & other educational items for students/faculty/staff to purchase for personal use on your own computer.This software is not for FAU owned computers.

Click the following link to browse or order:



Software for Faculty/Staff Work at Home usage:

Faculty & Staff can now order MS Office and Windows for your personal computer for as low as $9.95. 

Click the following link for more product information and follow the prompts to take you to FAU's pricing:

*This software is NOT for FAU owned computers.

Microsoft Software


Faculty / Staff Training  - OIT also offers application training to all FAU faculty and staff members.

 Last Modified 1/6/16