Elite Owls Leadership and Service Ambassadors

Elite Owls is a premiere ambassador leadership program designed to recognize exemplary student leaders at Florida Atlantic University. Through Elite Owls, they are given the opportunity for personal leadership development as well as facilitating leadership development for students at FAU. Knowing that leadership is not positional, Elite Owls instead focus on leadership as a relationship and encourage others to do the same. Elite Owls are involved all across FAU and represent diverse backgrounds, majors, and campuses.

To build a strong leadership foundation across the campuses while creating possibilities for student leaders to engage others in making an everlasting mark on the community and student body; in and out of the classroom.

Applications for the 2017-2018 Elite Owls are now closed.

2016-2017 Elite Owls

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Amanda is a junior studying Marketing with a focus in Advertisement. She is from Rochester, NY. She ran home to Sigma Kappa in the fall of 2015 and has served as Continuing Membership Chairman and is currently on the executive council as the Vice President of Membership.

Amanda enjoys spending her free time at the beach because it is her favorite place to unwind and relax. She also has an interest in music and art. Her passion is to positively impact the lives of others in order to help people reach their full potential.
Annie is a senior majoring in Political Science. She believes everyone should have a chance to escape the poor social and economic conditions they are born in or fall into. Her passion for community is showcased by her Student Government career where she served as chair of both Campus Action and Rules and Policies in the House of Representatives. She is the president of the Leon Charney Diplomacy program. She was a research intern at the Haitian Embassy in Cuba.

As an Elite Owl, Annie wants to inspire others to become an active citizen in their community. She is a proud owl who looks forward to making a difference at FAU.
Ashley Carrie:
Ashley was born in Staten Island, NY and raised in Fort Lauderdale, FL. She is a senior pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Accounting and History. She values faith, love, integrity, and humility and loves music, research, children, and meaningful relationships. Before becoming an Elite Owl, Ashley was the president of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship and a member and author of the Undergraduate Law Journal. She loves encouraging others to become the best version of themselves by pursuing integrity, love for research, and empathy toard others. She became an Elite Owl to help promote self-development and empower others to make a difference.
Bailey is born and raised in small town Madison, Kansas, and is a senior in the pursuing a bachelors in Communications Studies and double minoring in Sociology and Leadership Studies. She is also works in the Weppner Center for LEAD and Service-Learning. Bailey aspires to touch others’ lives through personal one-on-one connections to help individuals discover who they are. She is passionate about wanting to make others feel valued, important, and never alone.

One of Bailey’s core values is Faith, which is something that she dedicates her life to everyday knowing that it makes her who she is, and she challenges everyone to find something that makes them a better version of themselves. Proverbs 3: 5-6
Britton is a junior at the Harriet L. Wilkes Honors College. She participates in several clubs, including Psychology Club, Kingdom Club, Pre-Medical Society, Owlettes, and Theatre in the Raw. She is majoring in Clinical Psychology and Psychiatry with the goal of getting her PhD and MD. When she is not at school, she enjoys going back home to visit her family and spending time at the beach.
Catherine was born in Colombia and having migrated to the United States has made Catherine's journey one with exaggerated compassion, empathy and privilege. She is a senior majoring in Psychology and acquires a strong love for Leadership. She stands firm behind the idea of genuine human connection through meaningful conversations, authenticity and personal growth in order to continue the ripple effect of changing the way we treat one another. She aspires to help students and others find their true purpose in order to unravel their truest potential. The privilege of her being at FAU, has inspired her to give back so others can see the world through a brighter and clearer lens. She is involved in the Center for Autism and Related Disabilities and mentors a smart and beautiful 12-year-old year girl and is part of the Mentoring Project. Through Owl Breaks, Catherine has developed the greater and more profound sense of giving back to the community and serving those in need. Whether it's an organization or having a one-on-one with her peers, she wants to be that illuminating star in a sky full of darkness that guides other stars to shine just as brighter and even brighter. On her free time, she enjoys a good run, watching comedians on Netflix and Youtube, picking up her violin to play her favorite tunes and practicing her handstands.
Christine is an FAU alumna who is now pursuing her Master's in Biomedical Sciences. She is a first-generation college student and the first in her family to obtain a college degree. She has participated in Owls Breaks for two years and just led her first trip to Tampa that focused on Homelessness. She enjoys volunteering at various organizations especially at In Jacob's Shoes and other non-profits. Her duties include working with social workers to get their clients what they need and helping other volunteers enjoy their time volunteering. In her spare time, she likes to paint while listening to music, reading, and spending time with family and friends.
Hercules is a senior majoring in Political Science and minoring in Leadership Studies. He is originally from Haiti, and moved to the U.S. in 2012 where he calls Boyton Beach, FL home. He enjoys athletic sports as his hobby.

Hercules is a proud member of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. He has been involved in local political campaigns in which he has successfully contributed to helping elect the Palm Beach County Commissioner and Delray Beach City Councilman. Last summer, he interned with the Board of Palm Beach County Commissioner.

Hercules believes that leaders should not be conformists, rather they should always challenge the process. Furthermore, he believes that an effective leader should be devoted to change. Therefore, he is driven by his big dream to someday return to his home country to make a profound impact in leading the people of that nation to live out their greatest potential.
Jeron is well known in the Engineering West building for his willingness to lead and inspire others. Both faculty and students often seek his help as they navigate through complex systems. He is a proud member of the Innovation Leadership Honors Program (ILHP) for Mechanical Engineering with over eight years of experience as an automotive mechanic and successful entrepreneur.

Jeron brings a wealth of real-world mechanical knowledge. His innovation and willingness to guide others naturally promotes critical thinking that is unable to be taught in any book.

Jeron recognizes the value in hard work and is not afraid to get his hands dirty. He is known to make people laugh and strives to be there for others as often as possible. Whenever he is not with his fellow Elite Owls or in the FAU machine shop, he can be found hard at work as a lead engineer with the Owls Racing Formula SAE Team.
John is a junior in the University Honors Program majoring in Business Management. He currently serves as the Vice President of The National Society of Collegiate Scholars. During his time at FAU, he became involved in developing his leadership skills and completed both the Emerging Young Leader and Certified Student Leader programs.

John was diagnosed with a neuromuscular condition at a young age, but he does not allow his disability to prevent him from living a purposeful life. His top priority is to be a role model and show people that, despite limitations and difficult circumstances, they can accomplish their goals and aspirations with determination and hard work. Each day, he hopes to inspire others and serve as an example for aspiring leaders. As an Elite Owl, he is excited for the opportunity give back and produce positive change at FAU.
Jonathan is a transfer student from Miami Dade College and a senior studying both Marketing & Finance. Featured in Sun Sentinel’s Character Counts in 2014, he understands the key to leadership is serving others. He aims to use business to create change for the better within and outside the field while sharing hope with individuals every step of the way. When Jonathan’s not “shakin’ and bakin’”, he’s enjoying moments with family, soaking in beach sun, and getting competitive in basketball!
Jay is pursuing a dual degree in Neuroscience and the Biological Sciences. His love and passion for the sciences has inspired him to teach and actively engage young minds in the sciences as a Teaching Assistant for numerous courses such as general and organic chemistry, biology of cancer, and immunology. His dedication and passion for cancer research has allowed him to publish in multiple journals and present in numerous research conferences.

Jay has actively engaged in numerous leadership roles across the Broward and Boca campuses. One of the highlights of his leadership experience involved Global Medical Brigades where he was able to recruit 107 FAU students to participate in a medical/dental brigade to Honduras to serve and treat hundreds of underprivileged families. More recently, he was able to take 77 students with him on a medical/dental/pharmaceutical service trip to Warsaw, Poland. One of his greatest passions in life is to volunteer and serve in the community.

Jay’s ultimate purpose is to have a significantly positive impact on people’s lives and to continue the tradition of excellence that is expected from both Elite Owls and FAU.
Kendall is a junior studying Public Management. He is a brother of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity where he currently serves on the executive board as the chapter Historian. Additionally, you can find Kendall giving tours to prospective students. In his spare time he enjoys reading, swimming and hanging out with friends.
Keren can be found in the College of Business as she pursues her bachelor’s degree in Health Administration with a minor in Health Information System. Though she is currently a junior, she aspires to one-day play a role in bringing awareness towards issues in Public Health that can lead to the success of others while being a part of a knowledgeable community. Her passion to impact others is derived from believing that one’s nurtured environment should not define their future success. Not only does Keren serve her community in being a part of the Elite Owls on campus, but she also continues to uphold her leadership position in transforming her community of residents as a Residential Assistant for the past year and a half. She upholds her membership position in the National Residence Hall Honorary FAU Chapter and in her spare time, she enjoys taking on new challenges in self-teaching herself beauty tricks from YouTube. Ultimately, she continues to strive at achieving nothing but greatness.
Kreesha is a junior at the FAU Harriet L. Wilkes Honors College double majoring in Biological Chemistry and Neuroscience. She currently serves as the Honors HOSA chapter president and chemistry Teaching Assistant on the Jupiter Campus.

Kreesha is passionate about science and medicine. This can be seen through her internship at a FAU Neuroscience lab for a year where she researches the relationship and mechanism behind sleep and aging. She is also working towards applying to a dual M.D./PhD program in the future.

Her philosophy is guided by her initials K.D.S., always striving to lead with Kindness, be Dedicated to the cause at hand and Serving others selflessly.
Kristi is a graduate student pursing her Masters in Higher Education Leadership. She currently serves as the Graduate Assistant for the Dean of Students Office. Kristi graduated from FAU in the spring of 2016, with her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and a minor in Economics and Leadership Studies. Kristi is the student founder and Program Coordinator of the Women's Leadership Institute at FAU. She is an alumna of Alpha Delta Pi Sorority and loves conservation and anything outdoors. She is passionate about the growth of others through leadership and is inspired everyday by her fellow owls.
Mikhail is following the graduate educational path and he plans to always pursue every possible endeavor to enrich the world. He enjoys leading various extracurricular activities and served as FAU Campus Rec Advisory Board representative, is a member of Sigma Chi fraternity, and continues a membership at FAU Toastmasters Club and Elite Owls. He plans to sue the graduate degree to expand his knowledge, experiences, and high quality skill set to contribute substantially to the society that has offered him many opportunities to continue his educational and career paths.
Marek is originally from Poland and is a transfer student from Broward College. He is a senior studying Exercise Science and Health Promotion. He believes that our society needs healing andin order for everyone to thrive, we must transition behaviors from doing what is easy to doing what is essential. He is currently serving as the student director of the Student Government program, Peer Education Team (PET), which inspires and empowers our students to make health a priority. Marek is a vegetarian and advocates equal opportunity for all living beings. His philosophy in life is about captivating individual passion and turning it into a blueprint for action while at the same time, letting go of things that no longer serve us.
Martina is a graduate student who believes that every person deserves access to food, water, and shelter. She lives out this belief through her work as a Resource Development Manager at United Way of Palm Beach County. Her passion for helping others inspired her to pursue a Master's degree in Nonprofit Management. Through the program, she hopes to expand her knowledge and create a lasting, positive impact on our community. In her spare time, Martina loves to read collections by Ernest Hemingway, T.S. Elliot, and other authors from the Lost Generation. She loves spending time with her dogs, Leo and Buddy, and her fiancé, Josh Brief (an Owl Alum).
Melody is a graduate student pursing a Master’s in Higher Education Leadership. She is an alumna of the University of South Florida where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management with a minor in General Business Administration. Melody currently serves as a Graduate Assistant in the Center for Learning And Student Success (CLASS) office, specifically working with the Learning Communities. She is very passionate about helping students get acclimated to college and making the most out of their collegiate experience. Melody is an alumna of Chi Omega Women’s Fraternity. In her spare time, she enjoys Netflix marathons, going to the gym, and hanging out with her dog.
Nick is pursuing his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science. He is from Saint Petersburg, FL and his dreams are to continue the growth and innovation of technology. He is a scholarship recipient of the Bailey Family Foundation and Take Stock in Children. He genuinely believes the opportunity he has been given from receiving these scholarships really shaped him to become who he is today. He currently serves as a Resident Assistant in Glades Park Towers and is a member of National Residence Hall Honorary. When Nicolas does have spare time, he enjoys hanging out with friends, playing soccer, and taking his girlfriend to attractions they never been before! What he wants to gain out of being an Elite Owl is to develop the right knowledge so he can inspire others to lead and make a difference!
Rahat is a junior who attends the Harriet L. Wilkes Honors College. He is pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science degree with a major concentration of Cellular Neuroscience and a minor concentration in Psychology. His long-term aspirations are to enter the field of medicine and bring back “the human touch” to the field. He strongly believes in selflessly serving his friends, family, community, and anyone in need because he acknowledges that nowadays people’s actions are strongly driven by external rewards.

Rahat is extremely passionate about leadership and practices it through many different avenues. He serves as the student director of the Council of Student Organizations in Student Government. He also serves as the Vice- President of the Honors HOSA organization, which he co-founded in 2016. Under his leadership this organization has now taken more than 20 members to represent FAU at the highest stage, the International Leadership Conference.

Rahat is also a graduate of the Certified Student Leader program, an Honors College Ambassador, and a mentor for the Emerging Young Leaders program. Through all these experiences, he hopes to inspire other leaders around him to take the path of self-discovery and maximize their leadership potential.
Ruth is a senior majoring in Health Administration. She loves giving back to the community especially to the children within our community. She believes that children are our future and we have to become an exemplary role model for them.

Ruth is also the treasurer for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) chapter at FAU. She enjoys working with diverse groups and learning new and exciting things from different people who come from various backgrounds.

During her free time, Ruth enjoys visiting Village Academy, where she mentors students and prepares them for college. She is also religious and enjoy reading her bible, and most importantly she loves to cook. As an Elite Owl, she looks to model the way for other students to be inspired and stepping out of their comfort zones.
Samantha is a senior majoring in Health Administration. Born and raised in Ohio, she moved to Florida in 2010 to escape a troubled home life. She serves as a Resident Assistant at Glades Park Tower and is passionate about making a positive impact on first year students. She can be found radiating an infectious positivity and encourages others to see the brighter side of things.

In her spare time, you can find Samantha at the beach, behind the camera, in line at Starbucks, or running a crazy amount miles. As an Elite Owl, she is excited to reach out to a crowd of students larger than her residents. She is incredibly grateful for this opportunity and is excited to turn students into effective change agents who will reach (and exceed!) their full potential.
Yuval is originally from Israel and moved when she was young to the US. She is a first-generation student and is a senior majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies of Social Studies with a concentration in Sociology and a minor in Leadership Studies. Yuval values inclusivity, education, honesty, work ethic, integrity, and happiness She loves to dance, teach, draw/point, try new things (especially food), traveling, making new friends, reading, and personal development and dogs, especially promskys! She tutors in her spare time in mostly math, English, writing, French, and art.

Yuval is involved as a peer mentor in the Mentoring Project, Board member for the Israel-American Council Mishelanu, and a member of Hillel, Owls for Israel, Lambda United, and Meditation Club.

Yuval loves helping others through education and appreciation. She became an Elite Owl to help promote education and self-improvement in order to empower others and their goals. She believes that empowering others is the best gift in life.
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