IEA Dashboards

The IEA Dashboards provide key performance indicators that highlight University data such as enrollment, demographics, information about programs available at FAU, among other data. These dashboards promote institutional effectiveness and help the university's administrators with planning and decision-making. Users have real-time access to operational data that is presented in a meaningful way, empowering management, staff and stakeholders to quickly understand and monitor strategic goals. We encourage you to contact us if you have specific questions that we might be able to help answer.

Performance Metrics

The following dashboard provide information over the 10 metrics that evaluate Florida public institutions on a range of issues.



Retention & Graduation Rates

The following dashboards provide information about retention and graduation rates organized by campus, college, department, program, race, gender, age, among other items.



Interactive Reporting

The following dashboards allow users to generate reports in different fields.





 Last Modified 5/23/17