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777 Glades Road
SU 80, Room 101
Boca Raton, FL, 33431
(T) 561.297.3624
(F) 561.297.1212

The Graduate College Staff

The Graduate College is responsible for promoting quality graduate education at Florida Atlantic University. Working in conjunction with the university Graduate Council, Faculty Senate, and the individual college deans, the Graduate College works to develop university-wide graduate plans and policies to ensure that academic standards are maintained. In addition, the Graduate College is responsible for coordinating graduate recruitment efforts, processing graduate student admissions, facilitating graduate programs and workshops, ensuring university policies are followed, distributing tuition benefits to graduate assistants, awarding fellowships, certifying all degree requirements are met for graduation, and awarding graduate degrees.

General Information

Service/Contact Information

Application Status
P: 561.297.3624

International Student Information
E: isss@fau.edu

Residency Information
P: 561.297.1380
F: 561.297.1212
E: gcresidency@fau.edu

P: 561.297.2817
E: graduatewriting@fau.edu

Plan of Study
P: 561.297.2203
E: graduatesupport@fau.edu

Marketing & Communications
P:  561.297.1211
E:   graduatemarketing@fau.edu


Florida Atlantic University
Graduate College

777 Glades Road
Student Support Services
(SU-80, Room 101)
Boca Raton, FL 33431-0991

E: graduatecollege@fau.edu
W: www.fau.edu/graduate

Maureen Fluehr
Program Assistant
P: 561.297.3624
F: 561.297.2117 / 561.297.1212
  • Receptionist - phone, email, walk-ins
  • Assistance with information about all Graduate programs
  • Graduate Enrollment Management support
  • Monitors graduatecollege@fau.edu email account

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Graduate Enrollment Management

Christian Decle
Graduate Enrollment Management

P: 561.297.3911
E: cdecle@fau.edu

  • Administration and leadership of all Graduate recruitment, admissions, on-boarding, systems, communications, and personnel
  • Provides consultation and support to Graduate faculty and programs regarding recruitment and retention



Jordan Hession
Assistant Director
Graduate Orientation and Admissions

P: 561.297.1213
E: jhession@fau.edu

  • Admissions advisor
  • Graduate recruitment
  • Graduate College New Student Orientation
  • Graduate College fellowships
  • Campus tours

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Ashley Severino

Graduate Admissions, Business

P: 561.297.4211
E: aseverino@fau.edu

Ashley Severino is currently on leave. Please redirect all correspondence to gcadmissions@fau.edu or 561-297-3624.

  • Liaison with the College of Business Graduate programs
  • Administrative support for all College of Business Graduate admissions 
  • Graduate application review for College of Business
  • Admission decision Form 4 for College of Business

Monica Miranda
Residency Officer

P: 561.297.1380
F: 561.297.1212 
E: mirandam@fau.edu

  • Residency classifications of Graduate students
  • Conduct review for Graduate College applications
  • Monitors gcresidency@fau.edu email account

Program Assistant

  • Graduate application review
  • Transcript and test score processing
  • Data input
  • Monitors gcadmissions@fau.edu email account

Nancy Condemi
Graduate College Registrar

P: 561.297.2906
E: ncondemi@fau.edu

  • Admission Decision Form 4
  • Graduate application review
  • Graduate College Program Sheet updates
  • University Graduate Programs Committee
  • Monitors ugpc@fau.edu email account
  • Monitors decisionaward@fau.edu email account

Brittany Bonner
Program Assistant

P: 561.297.4304

  • Graduate application review
  • Transcript and test score processing
  • Data input

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Degree Completion Services

Liana Smith
Assistant Dean
Degree Completion Services

P: 561.297.6065
F: 561.297.1212
E: marysmith@fau.edu

  • Thesis & Dissertation Guidelines
  • Graduate College forms
  • Form 10 Petitions to Waive a University Requirement
  • Degree audit & certification
  • GPSA liaison
  • Plan of Study/MyPOS access and management
  • Three Minute Thesis Competition
  • GTA Workshops
  • Graduate College Data and Reports

Graduate Student Advisor
Academic Advisor, Academic Support Services

  • Point of contact for master’s student advising
  • Master’s en Passant advising
  • Responsible for master’s student degree completion tracking
  • Graduate Student Research Scholarship 
  • Special event coordination and support

Jonathan Bovinet
Degree Completion Advisor
Academic Advisor, Academic Support Services

P: 561.297.2817
E: jbovinet@fau.edu

  • Thesis & dissertation format review
  • Monitors graduatewriting@fau.edu
  • Thesis & dissertation final package coordinator
  • Thesis & dissertation formatting workshops
  • Turn It In coordinator
  • ETD submission
  • Scholarly Writing Workshops
  • Special event support

Eileen Bustamante
Degree Completion Advisor

Academic Advisor, Degree Certification

P: 561.297.2343
E: ebustam1@fau.edu

  • Admissions to Candidacy/Form 8
  • Thesis/Dissertation Committee Form 9
  • Doctoral Applications for Degree
  • Doctoral student degree audits
  • Master's en Passant background processing and degree audits
  • Doctoral student Plan of Study/MyPOS

Kahla Cajigas
Degree Completion Assistant
Degree Completion Processes

P: 561.297.2203
E: cajigask@fau.edu

  • Plan of Study/MyPOS assistance
  • Degree completion assistance
  • Academic Progression Plan/Form 11
  • Applications for Degree
  • Degree audits and certification support
  • Waivers/Form 10

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Marketing & Communications

Austen Canonica
Assistant Director
Marketing & Communications

P: 561.297.2817
E:  acanonic@fau.edu

  • Editor, Graduate College Newsletter
  • Provides Graduate College support for marketing & communications initiatives
  • Liaison with University Creative Services & College Communications Officers
  • Responsible for the Graduate College website and social media
  • Member, Graduate Dean's Leadership Team

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Business Office/Administration

Business Manager

  • Graduate tuition benefits
  • Purchase orders
  • HR functions
  • Office administration

Carol Hemmings-Fennel
Administrative Services

P: 561.297.2347
E: chemmingsfennel@fau.edu

  • HR related functions
  • Timekeeping and payroll functions
  • Assists with payments to vendors

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Graduate Dean

To make an appointment with the Graduate Dean, please contact Brian Farrell at farrellb@fau.edu (561.297.4358).

Brian Farrell
Executive Assistant to the Dean

P: 561.297.4358
E: farrellb@fau.edu

  • HR functions
  • Assist with purchase orders
  • Assist with financial reconciliations
  • Office administration

Robert W. Stackman Jr., Ph.D.
Dean, Graduate College

P: 561.297.4358
E: rstackma@fau.edu

  • Oversees the Graduate College enterprise
  • Liaison between Academic Colleges, Provost, and Graduate Programs

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