Fraternity & Sorority Life Ambassador Program


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Meet our 2015 Ambassadors! 

Ambassador Alejandra

Ambassador CJ

Ambassador McKenzie

Ambassador Madison

Ambassador Sam

Ambassador Patrick

Ambassador Brittany

Ambassador Hailey

Ambassador Jake

Ambassador Ashley

Ambassador Phillip

Ambassador Victoria

Ambassador Hamilton

Ambassador Ally

Ambassador Doug

Ambassador Paige



The purpose of the Fraternity & Sorority Life Ambassador Program is to:

  • Encourage unaffiliated students to join a fraternity or sorority
  • Distribute & articulate information about fraternity & sorority life to incoming students/parents and answer questions about the recruitment/intake process
  • Promote the benefits of fraternity & sorority life at FAU, while actively breaking negative stereotypes

Learning Outcomes for Ambassadors:

  • Team members will enhance their own personal & leadership development
  • Team members will enhance communication skills
  • Team members will build positive relationships with other f/s members, non-affiliated students and other campus constituents
  • Team members will be instrumental in getting the FAU community informed & excited about Fraternity & Sorority Life

Ambassador Job Description

  • Attend all F/S Ambassador training sessions before working an orientation session
  • Be available throughout the summer to assist with at least 5 student orientation sessions
  • Attend transfer orientations as needed
  • Attend admissions events as needed throughout the fall and spring semesters
  • Attend F/S Life programs as needed throughout the fall and spring semesters


If you have further questions, please contact F/S Life at for more information.



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