Mandatory Course Entry Survey

Mandatory Course Entry Survey

Students will be required to complete the Mandatory Course Survey for ALL classes. This policy will remain in effect for all subsequent terms.

According to Federal Regulations a student is considered not to have begun attendance if a school is unable to document the student’s attendance in each class. Title IV financial aid (examples include Loans, Pell Grants, Work-Study) will not be disbursed if the school cannot document a student has begun attendance in each class for which they are receiving such funds. 

If you are a current financial aid recipient or you think you may need financial aid at some point during the semester, you MUST complete the Mandatory Course Entry Survey for each registered class. The survey is available through Blackboard and will be emailed to you during the first week of classes each semester. The email will contain a hyperlink directly to the course survey and can be easily completed from your smart phone, tablet, or computer. The survey is available the first day of classes and concludes at the end of drop/add. 

Failure to complete the survey for each class by the end of the drop/add period will result in a reduction/cancellation of your financial aid.

In addition to completing the Mandatory Course Entry Survey, students are required to maintain eligibility for Title IV funding by displaying documented academic activity in the course. Examples of valid forms of documented activity include faculty attendance rosters, graded assignments, quizzes, or exams. Students should be aware that they may be required to repay any aid disbursed for a course for which they have no documented academic activity, even if the Mandatory Course Entry Survey was completed.

NOTE: Courses which do NOT begin during the standard drop/add period as specified by the University Academic Calendar , will have surveys available based on the courses unique drop/add period.  If your Financial Aid is contingent on courses which do NOT begin during the standard drop/add period, your disbursements will be delayed until you have completed surveys.

Below are instructions on how to access the required Mandatory Course Entry Survey:

1. Log on to Blackboard:

2. Click on the FAU NetID button

Mandatory Course Entry Survey 

3.  Enter your Username and Password, then click the Login button

Mandatory Course Entry Survey

4. Under the section "My Surveys" --> "Current Survey(s)" --> Click on your course(s)

Mandatory Course Survey

5. You will be directed to the Survey for that specific course


Mandatory Course Entry Survey


6. Select your answer (fill in the blank text box, if you select "Other")

7. Click on Submit

Mandatory Course Entry Survey

 Last Modified 1/27/15