Accepting Your Award Offer

Accepting Award Basics

The Office of Student Financial Aid sends emails to students via their FAU email account notifying them that award(s) have been offered and posted to the system. To receive a deferment of your tuition and fees, you must accept your awards online via MyFAU (accepting an amount which is sufficient to cover your tuition) by the end of the drop/add period.

email logo Students are encouraged to check their FAU Email account on a regular basis.   Email notifications are the primary communication between students and the FAU Office of Student Financial Aid.

Instructions on Accepting your Award

Awards can be accepted or declined by completing the following steps:

  1. Log on to MyFAU
  2. Click on the Money Matters! tile
  3. Click on "Your Financial Aid" tile

    Accept image 1

  4. Click on "Financial Aid Status" tile/box:
    • If prompted to "Select Aid Year", choose
    • "Award Year 2016-2017 (FALL 2016, SPRING 2017, SUMMER 2017)
    • "Award Year 2017-2018 (FALL 2017, SPRING 2018, SUMMER 2018)
  5. Go to the line where it reads, "You have been offered Financial Aid which totals $xxxx.xx".  To accept/decline awards click on the "here" link.

    Accept Image 2

  6. Click on the "Accept Award Offer" tab.
    • At this point, you may use the drop down list to accept/decline each award offered to you.
  7. Click on the "Submit Decision" button.
When you receive financial aid, you agree to fulfill the Terms and Conditions of Financial Aid Awards.


  • If you will NOT be attending FAU, please DECLINE all awards awards.
  • Students may accept a partial award by entering the amount requested in the "Accept Partial Amount" column.
  • Once the student has accepted their awards and click the "Submit Decision" button, adjustments can not be made online; therefore an Award Revision Form (add link to forms page) will need to be submitted to the Financial Aid office for changes.
  • In some cases if you will be enrolled for only one term and the award offered is for more than one term, then the student will need to submit an Award Revision Form (add link to forms page) to updated the award offered (i.e.  Seniors graduating in the FALL term).
  • For each award listed, students may click on the "Fund Name" and important information about the award will be displayed.
  • If you DO NOT have access to a computer, or you are experiencing technical difficulties that can not be resolved, contact the FAU Office of Student Financial Aid and a hard copy award notice will be mailed to you.
  • Financial Aid funds will disburse AFTER the drop/add deadline each semester.  Tuition and other charges posted to your student account will be deducted first.  If a credit balance results, the student will receive a refund via direct deposit to their existing bank account on file with the Controller's Office.
 Last Modified 8/22/18