The Campus Recreation Advisory Board is charged with the responsibility to involve user groups, primarily of students, in the planning, organization and administration of recreational programs on the Boca Raton Campus. This will include, but not be limited to, maintenance and custodial services, finances, student employment, professional staffing, programming and general policy making, and long-range planning (facilities, programs, staffing/personnel, and policies) of the associated areas. 

Members of the Campus Recreation Advisory Board include five students and one faculty/staff members. 

Current Campus Recreation Advisory Board Members

Mike Proby

Katie Serrell

Gabrielle Dispenza

Ricardo Cevallos

Andres Lavieri

Derek Vaughn

Chakari Monsanto

Leead Negri

Rachel Soler

Dave Tomanio

Adviser  to the Board 
Raquel Cabral, Interim Director of Campus Recreation

Previous Statutes, By-Laws and Meeting Minutes 

Campus Recreation Advisory Board Application
 Last Modified 7/31/19