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Update #1 (Friday, Aug. 26, 3:45 pm) - FAU is monitoring a tropical disturbance - Invest 99L - that is forecast to affect FAU's service areas. We can expect heavy rainfall with brief wind gusts across South Florida sometime Saturday night and into Monday. Heavy rainfall could linger into the middle of the week.

For status updates, visit FAU's advisory page or call the FAU hotline at 888-8FAUOWL (888-832-8695).  

Potenial concerns

  • Heavy rainfall associated with this system can exceed flash-flooding thresholds
  • Increased chance of rip currents, moderate surf, and isolated waterspouts
  • Water intrusion via rising water and wind-driven rain into infrastructure and areas prone to flooding

Campus Events - Please check with event coordinators for more information regarding any events scheduled over the weekend and on Monday.

Resident Students - Please keep safety in mind and stay tuned to information and guidance from Student Affairs, Housing and Public Safety staff as severe weather may bring flooding and other weather-related issues.


  • Enact emergency plans to prepare for, or to mitigate, water intrusion from rising water or wind-driven rain
  • Ensure unit-essential personnel are current, they understand their roles and responsibilities, and are prepared to be recalled to campus, if necessary; CLICK HERE for more information.
  • Have damage assessment forms on hand to report any damage; the forms are available HERE
  • Track all expenses, including employee time, associated with this effort for cost recovery purposes
  • Report or eliminate standing/collecting water

Reporting Damage - Do not use the work order system to report damage. Instead, email all reports to:

General University Community

  • Please use caution when traveling, especially through flooded areas
  • Anyone engaging in marine activities under the auspices of FAU should pay special attention to marine forecasts and guidance



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