Primrose School of Miramar
Private Preschool Turns Essential for Pandemic Workers


By Shavantay Minnis

For more than four years, the Primrose School of Miramar provided almost 200 children with a vital early education and childcare experience in a private pre-school setting.

Led by franchise owners Poorab and Lakshmi Kapadia, the research-based learning curriculum inspires children to think creatively, compassionately and resourcefully. The couple, alongside a team of 30 trained employees, teach children ages infants through kindergarteners.

So, when the Kapadias decided to close the preschool at the start of the COVID-19 crisis, like the rest of the world, they were extremely concerned about their children and families, and their employees. And, once the business started to re-open, their enrollment plummeted. Families said they were apprehensive about bringing their children to the school and teachers and staff grew nervous about the safety of their job. "We want to continue supporting our teachers, they are the life of our school," Poorab said.

They needed help. Help for their employees. Help for their business. And they needed help to move forward.

That's when they decided to turn to the Florida SBDC at Florida Atlantic University (FAU), the small business development center in FAU's Division of Research, for business assistance. There they connected with Parbatee Chang who helped them receive a disaster recovery loan and gain access to capital for businesses impacted by the pandemic.

"Out of all of the help we looked for, Parbatee was the most streamlined, effective and timely. It was like throwing darts in the dark until she came along," Poorab said.

With Parbatee's guidance, the Kapadias were able to continue to pay their employees, as well as provide personal protective gear for each teacher at the facility.

In addition, Parbatee helped the Primrose School of Miramar switch gears to specialize in supporting essential parents who desperately need childcare while working on the frontlines during the pandemic. First responders, nurses, doctors, police officers and other essential workers rely on the Primrose School of Miramar to be open and available for their children as they serve the community.

"It was an amazing experience thanks to Parbatee. She treated us like family, giving us guidance the entire way," Poorab said. "We look forward to working with her more and we know our business will be ready once we are back to full capacity."