GrassRoots Testimonials

The Florida Small Business Development Center (SBDC) at Florida Atlantic University we are known for the resources we provide to small and medium sized businesses in South Florida. With assistance from the Small Business Administration, Citi Foundation and the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, we've expand our outreach services to underserve communities and underserved regions in Broward and Palm Beach counties.

The new initiative, Grassroots, provides business entities with access to specialized technical assistance and resources like business plans, group training, funding support and tools for growth and entrepreneurship.

Check out a few testimonials from the initiatives. 

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“It was awesome to fellowship with other members of the community who have a passion to impact others, as well as, have a desire to become an entrepreneur. It was truly enlightening to learn about the various opportunities available to prospective business owners. As you know, the field of education has been my passion for 30-plus years, but this event has ignited a spark within me to pursue entrepreneurship post-retirement. I look forward to having you serve as my mentor in my future endeavors. Once again, thank you for this opportunity.”

— Cyntheria Hunt

"I have a passion for art. With the assistance of the Florida SBDC at FAU and ArtServe, I was able to learn some valuable ways to get started on my art journey. Recently I became an Artist-In-Residence at ArtServe, and I participated in several ArtServe mixer events where I featured my art. I also received additional information on grants, marketing and business planning through my artist residency at ArtServe, which has enabled me to start exhibiting and properly pricing my work."

— Sara Schesser Bartra, owner of LVLY ART BY SARA LLC

MVG Consulting

“The three sessions provided from MVG Consulting has helped me understand the importance of completing annual financial audits and financial planning. My biggest takeaway was the need for me to have an internet presence and branding materials for the company. I look forward to the continued support from the Florida SBDC at FAU and MVG Consulting.”

— Dr. Keisha Grey, owner of Grey and Associates LLC.

"For years I had voluntarily provided leadership coaching services for free or low cost. After taking MVG Consulting’s three-part series I decided to set up my LLC. With a better understanding of the financial benefits, I would receive from registering my business, I decided to finally move forward. I realized that I had untapped resources that could assist me financially in managing my business. With the assistance of the Florida SBDC at FAU and MVG Consultant Rashida Gordon, I was able to register my business and I'm confident I'm moving forward toward my goal."

— Sergio Buth, owner of Strategic Performance Development Institute LLC

“I recently had the good fortune of working with MVG Consulting. I have participated in the program that offered three webinars and technical assistance. The marketing webinar and coaching from MVG consultants have helped me to refocus the way I brand my business services. MVG has helped me to decide what my next step will be for my business. A whole new world has opened to me. I have registered my consulting business and I am currently working on my career transition. None of this would have been possible without the consistent efforts of MVG and the Florida SBDC at FAU.”

— Dr. Shirley Sims, owner of Women Businesses Rock