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SBDC at FAU Creative Entrepreneur Collaborates on 4-Time Winning Magazine

Island Origins - Muir

Published for Jamaica's 50th anniversary of independence in 2012, Pieces of Jamaica is a special collection of photography embracing the people, life and culture – a journey into the soul of Jamaica, through the lens of David Muir.

"Photography is always something I have loved. I look through my lens for that one specific moment … that one little thing ... that's when it means so much more to me. If I can present that joy to others it makes me even happier in my life. Capturing the spirit of Jamaica – that's my love – that's my number one."

Muir's path has always been about the social and cultural experience, early on as a social worker and part-time photographer, but not without the typical challenges of making it as an artist. In search of taking that next step, he met with Florida SBDC at Florida Atlantic University (FAU) Consultant Parbatee Chang who guided him through the business plan process to build financial resources to take the next step in acquiring the necessary equipment to launch his business.

He then enrolled in the Artist as Entrepreneur Institute, launched by Broward County Cultural Division and led by South Florida's top-ranking arts practitioners and industry professionals. Florida SBDC at FAU Regional Director, Rafael Cruz and Creative Economy Consultant, George Gadson, were lead presenters. Following this program Muir consulted with Mr. Gadson in the Florida SBDC at FAU's Creative Entrepreneur Development Program.

...Fast forward to today, David Muir is a highly-acclaimed photographer, videographer, producer and publisher. Along with his partner, Calibe Thompson, their collaborations include the Taste the Islands Experience event that was the inspired by Thompson's Taste the Islands national PBS series, now a collaboration of both creative visionaries – and the four-time award-winning magazine Island Origins. Their media, publishing and entertainment company, Island Syndicate Inc., most recently won the "Best Multicultural Program" for Fort Lauderdale's 2018 Synergy Summit for Cultural & Heritage Tourism.

Driven by his passion and collaborative spirit, as Muir reflects, "… Singularly much can be achieved, but as a group – not just me – we can share our ideas in partnership and achieve so much more."

His most recent work includes an exhibition entitled "Reggae Reel: Moments in Music," featuring his love of the music, culture, and messages found in Reggae music. From China to Chile – to World Championships and beyond, Muir also travels the world as a consultant for the Jamaica Tourist Board's "Jamaica House." Muir's early training as a social worker has transformed into a different kind of social work – through his lens, his serial entrepreneurship, and his Caribbean passion, he enriches the lives he touches, sharing all that is Jamaican.

"The Creative Entrepreneur Development Program has afforded me business resources, intellectual space to fully develop business ideas, encouragement to pursue business goals, and support which empowers action towards success. Special thanks and appreciation to George Gadson and the SBDC."