A Business Takeoff

Flagship Aerospace Soars to Success

A Business Takeoff

By Shavantay Minnis

Phil Nardini never imagined that the global pandemic would transition him from vice president of sales in aviation to business owner of Flagship Aerospace, LLC, an aircraft part supplier for companies like Delta and American Airlines.

He started Flagship Aerospace, later in 2020 when he realized, “how the aviation business had drawn to a complete halt, and while very few planes were flying around, they would soon need more help when the world opened back up," he said.

But Nardini said, although he was a natural at selling aviation parts when he started to operate as a sole proprietor, he couldn’t quite find his landing.

That’s when he reached out for business assistance and discovered the Florida Small Business Development Center (SBDC) at Florida Atlantic University (FAU). Nardini was immediately connected to Anil Chang, a business consultant who specializes in business continuity and international trade.

With assistance from Chang, Nardini created a business plan on how to structure Flagship Aerospace, set up short and long-term business goals, confidently complete supplier certifications, find funding opportunities and connect with a licensed accountant to ensure his sales were filed.

“Anil was such a great help. He was very proactive in following up with me and making sure I was prepared on the business side so I could focus on continuing to build the necessary relationship I needed to grow my company,” Nardini said.

Flagship Aerospace is now a supplier to many of the world’s largest airlines, original equipment manufacturers and engine centers. The company’s sales have increased significantly year over year since its business inception.

“One of the reasons for my success is the personal touch I provide. I’m able to respond quicker than larger supply companies and be flexible to my customer’s needs. I focus mainly on the internal engine components of a plane that are not as easy to source,” he said. “I really am the provider they can trust. I plan to stick with them as I enjoy going the extra mile, especially for those who were there for me as a startup.”

Nardini also said the support he received from Chang made a difference in how he thinks about business. “It’s nice to have someone with his expertise when starting a business,” he said. “I owe a big thanks to Anil and the Florida SBDC at FAU for their help in guiding me to success.”