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Ocean and Environmental Science & Technology (FAU Harbor Branch) is one of four areas of research strength at Florida Atlantic University, the others being Healthy Aging (I-HeAL), Neuroscience (I-BRAIN) and Sensor and Smart Systems (I-SENSE). These large research programs have taken the shape of institutes that span multiple departments, sometimes belonging to more than one college. FAU Harbor Branch is such an institute and the last one to come online as part of the University’s vision for research excellence under FAU President John Kelly, FAU Vice President for Research Dan Flynn, Ph.D., and FAU Provost Gary Perry, Ph.D.

FAU Harbor Branch seeks to equate ecosystem health with human health and focuses on bringing together the Ocean and Environmental Science & Technology strengths from across the University to address this goal in the four research areas of:

Marine Science & Oceanography

Ocean Engineering

Applied & Environmental Science

Coastal Affairs

Driving future ecosystem research, especially in the marine environment, is a new Master of Science Program in Marine Science and Oceanography, and the new doctoral track in Integrated Biology that will see graduate students recognized for their specialization in marine science and oceanography.

Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute in Fort Pierce serves as the administrative office for the FAU Harbor Branch research program institute.

 Last Modified 12/6/17