Faculty Spotlight

Peter Henn
Peter Henn
Instructor of Urban and Regional Planning

Peter Henn has offered study abroad programs in Vancouver, London, and Paris to focus on modern urban design and transportation.

Patricia Gustafsson
Field Faculty of Social Work

Through site visits, guest lectures, and cultural activities, Patricia Gustafsson offers students a study abroad program to Dublin, Ireland. Students stay on the campus of University College Dublin.

Associate Dean, College of Business

Dr. Rhodd is a Jamaican by birth. He has taken students on short study abroad courses to Costa Rica, Jamaica, Argentina, Paraguay, and Panama for over 20 years. He helped to develop and popularize the International Economics Field Experience tour in the College of Business and strongly believes that one of the best ways to teach international economics is through these international tours.

Instructor of Japanese

Students have had the opportunity to experience Japan’s rich culture and traditions through a summer study abroad program developed and led by Sumiko Uo.

Valentina Martinez
Instructor of Anthropology

Director of Ecuador Field School and faculty leader of FAU Study Abroad program in Salango, Ecuador.

michael harris
Dr Michael Harris

Associate Professor of AnthropologyFaculty leader of FAU Study Abroad program in Salango, Ecuador.

michael hamilton
Dr.Michael Hamilton
Associate Professor of Linguistics

Dr. Hamilton recently collaborated with Sumiko Uo to co-lead the FAU faculty-led program in Fukuoka, Japan. He offers students the opportunity to take a linguistics course.

Pettner in Venice
Dr. Emanuele Pettener
Assistant Professor of Italian

Dr. Pettener provides students with a unique experience to learn about Italian culture and language in Venice, Italy.

Associate Professor, College of Business

With a focus on international economics, Dr. Chiang helped develop the International Economics Field Experience tour which he has led with Dr. Rhodd for many years.

Dr.Ilaria Sera
Professor of Italian Studies

Dr. Serra was born in Venice, Italy and has a passion for sharing this city with students through a summer study abroad program.

Associate Professor in the School of Architecture

Professor  Sandell’s  knowledge of architecture in Italy allows him to provide students a unique experience on the Venice, Italy summer program. Professor Sandell guides students through Venice to explore design.  

Dr Carmen Cañete Quesada

Dr. Cañete Quesada has lead groups of FAU students through the rich cultural and history of Madrid, Spain.