Prerequisite Classes:

Taken during the 1st semester

SLS 1200: Increasing Personal Effectiveness
This course reviews key strategies for personal growth, analyzes personal strengths and weaknesses, identifies personal goals and motivates the participant toward these goals.
SLS 1304: Career Exploration 1
Structured for self-directed and individualized career exploration. Includes systematic review of career development and exploration with the use of assessment materials and computer-based career development programs such as YES, Self-Directed Searches, and preferential inventories. Includes the formation of an individual work portfolio.
SLS 1570: Learning with Technology 1
An introductory course on today’s technology basics to include cell-phones, tablets, and other types of common technology tools to help students become more skilled in their use in college and on the job. Students will also learn skills and techniques in using productivity tools and applications.

Required Courses:

Launch Pad:
This course will orient students to the campus, university, and community. It will provide a complete overview of the skills and knowledge necessary for students to succeed in the ACI program. This course is to be taken each semester. Registration is limited to participants in the Academy for Community Inclusion.
Health, Fitness for Life (HSC 2100) 2 credits
A study of the strategies and techniques of healthful living. A wellness model will provide the framework for this course. Personal health and fitness appraisals will be conducted. * Program Note: This course is required in the second semester of the ACI Program.

Certificates and Courses

The following 28 courses for the three certificates are offered through the Academy for Community Inclusion.

Supported Employment
(20 Credits)
Supported Community Access
(20 Credits)
Supported Community Living
(20 Credits)
SLS 1305: Professional Career Development SLS 1201: Personal Development SLS 1571: Learning with Technology 2
SLS 1350: Employability Skills SLS 1205: Being Safe, Staying Safe SLS 1250: Living with Roommates
SLS 1354: Workplace Relationships SLS 1211: Social Skills SLS 1251: Residential Experience
SLS 1266: Getting Around in the Community ISS 1120: Community Citizenship REA 1008: Reading for Life
SLS 1392: Business Technology for Community Living SLS 1281: Diverse Communities HSC 2400: Basic First Aid
SLS 2340: Professional Portfolio SLS 1603: Community Resources ABX 1001: Personal Finance for Community Living
SLS 2930: Career Seminar SLS 1224: Recreation and Leisure Skills SLS 2222: Personal Wellbeing
SLS 2943 Career Internship SLS 2225: Life Planning SLS 2604: Effective Living
Electives (2 classes; 1 must be outside the Academy) Electives (2 classes; 1 must be outside the Academy) Electives (2 classes; 1 must be outside the Academy)


  • FFP 1820: Emergency Preparation
  • SLS 1102: College Experience
  • SLS 1167: Service Learning
  • SLS 1321: World of Work
  • SLS 1504: Critical Thinking